Xbox Live and Apple Airport

Hilo, I’ve searched the fora, and read a few threads on this, but haven’t really seen a definitive answer. (I also posted on MacNN and, and the responses are slow in coming, surprisingly.)

We’re buying an Xbox 360 and can’t decide how to network it. We have an Airport wireless network running up in my office, and friends who come over with laptops find it and log in no problem.

My question is this: Should I buy the Xbox wireless adapter - and hope that the Xbox finds the network and logs in okay - or do I buy an Airport base station (which has the added benefit of extending our network) and just plug the Xbox into the ethernet port on the back of it?

I’ve read lots of dissenting opinions on this, and I’m hoping someone has moved from the theoretical realm into the actual, and can say for sure if Xbox Live works with an Airport network.


I’d go with the Xbox wireless adapter.

The airport is a standard wireless g band piece of equipment. If the XBOX adapter supports wireless G it will be fine. I have an airport and a base extender and man I love me that hardware.

I went with the Xbox wireless adapter and it found the network all by itself. I had to disable the WEP and make it a closed network (I couldn’t find a field to enter the WEP password, but my gooberness is legion), and it works fine.

You can enter WEP keys into the XBox wireless bridge just fine… It’s in the advanced network settings.