Xbox Live arcade

Any idea when any new games are gonna come out? I was looking forward to Robotron as I thought it was gonna be a launch title.

Half the games in the freakin’ arcade are Robotron clones in gameplay. What do you want? :)

I want my Robotron!!! Nothing beats the original…

Word has it that Wik: Fable of Souls and Robotron are both supposed to hit this week, but we’ll see. After that, I have no idea. There were a handful of other things on the “launch list” for arcade that aren’t there yet. Namely a couple of full game demos, and stuff like Spades and Backgammon.

I’ll keep checking. BTW Jason, I did fix my lag problem. It was a router problem. A new one fixed things right up.

Courtesy of GAF, here’s an RSS feed that lists items newly added to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

I’m STILL waiting for my Robotron! This is getting serious. I’ll have to boot up my MAME if things go much longer…

What’s the word on Crystal Quest release? Anyone know, their site said December was the target. I’m looking forward to checking this one out.

Will it still have the orgasmic level-complete sound?

Oh man, I totally forgot about that! Now I can’t wait.