Xbox Live Rewards


Oddly enough, you can get 5000 points for doing the November challenge and earning achievements in XGP games.

I looked around on the Xbox dashboard yesterday, looking for this, and didn’t see anything. Where do you go to track this kind of thing?

I think he’s talking about the “Venture Through the Bad Lands” quest that’s on the Earn page for rewards. Three months of Game Pass is one of the rewards for completing too.

I just forgot where to look up that stuff. I can’t find it on the Microsoft Rewards page anywhere. And the Xbox Live Rewards page just says they are now Microsoft Rewards, and redirects you to there.

If you go to, in the upper right do you see a badge icon? If you click it there should be a choice in the drop down for “earn points faster” and you can click “see all.” That should take you to the daily page for points you can earn.

That is the page I go to everyday to earn points, yes. But it’s never mentioned Xbox Quests and stuff like that. Like there was a quest a while back on the Xbox dashboard to play MCC. Or this Venture through the Bad Lands quest, I don’t see that anywhere on this page either. There must be a sub-page somewhere that I’m missing for Xbox related quests.

Maybe it isn’t available for everyone, I don’t know how this works. You could also check the MS Rewards app on your Xbox when you get a chance.

Hmmm, yeah, the closest answer I’ve found just now is that there’s a page on that says “Where do I find my Quests?” and the answer is “Your Quests are located in the Featured section within the Gold Membership Area.” I’ll take a look at that when I get home today.

There’s a new MS rewards app that may have already been downloaded to your Xbox. It’s on the front page there. I looked for a web link to this particular “punch card” challenge, but couldn’t easily find one.

But even once you do find it, it seems wonky. I have done 2 of the 4 challenges, but the app isn’t recognizing that any have been done.

This is currently on sale for:
1 Month: 5600 points
3 months: 12,800 points
12 months: 24,000 points

Unfortunately I don’t have 24,000 points yet. So I probably won’t be able to take advantage of this deal. Damn. I shouldn’t have bought that extra month of Game Pass from my reward point stash.

Bah. I got to over 23,000 points, with that 12 month gold reward in sight, but they got rid of it. The funny part is, they not only got rid of the deal version of the 12 month Gold membership, they seem to have gotten rid of the 12 month gold option as a reward. I guess at 2000 point per month rate, it was just too good a deal to give to people. It’s a shame I missed it by two days.

Hopefully they’ll bring it back as a reward one day.

Rewards reset my streak this morning for some reason. I was really looking forward to hitting 100 days. I think yesterday my streak was around 94 or so.

Oh well, easy come, easy go.

There’s a bug that happens sometimes. Says you broke it, but the streak still continues.

I think we get the same points at any length, 15 a day or so. It just takes longer to get them with a big streak.

I’ve lost streaks before for no reason I could determine. I just don’t get too attached to them at this point.

Xbox $ are on sale now.

Not as cheap as they usually go for, but eh.

5$ - 4150 pts
10$ - 8300 pts

Lots of Lego sales this week too.

With my level 2 rewards values, it’s even better.

$5 - 4000 pts
$10 - 8000 pts.

That’s 800 ppd, way better than the usual 920ppd or so.

Thanks for the heads up.

The question is how many to buy, how many to save up for 12 months of Xbox Live.

The 3 month Game Pass is on sale for 13,500 points until April 15th.

And I just traded 17k points for 3 months last week. I either have bad mojo, or I make things go on sale.

Woohoo! Xbox Live Gold Membership is on sale.

I just picked up 12 months for 22,500. It’s usually 29,000.

Remember, the last time it was on sale, they got rid of the 12 month option after a day, so if you want to get it, today is the day (if it’s like last time).