Xbox Live Rewards

Ok, progress report on that 10,000 quest.

So far so good! I’ve gotten to about 3,300. I continue to play games that reward me very little points like Supraland (some, not much), and Microsoft Flight Simulator (none). But I also played games like Mushroom Quest, which is a neat little puzzle game that I finished last week to get 2000 points. It wouldn’t run on the Series X after the first time I quit, but it ran fine on my Xbox One. Usually when I play these little puzzle games, they get mentioned as being “quick completions” by sites like TrueAchievements because what they really mean is “if you follow the walkthrough and cheat, it’s really quick”, which makes it pointless, IMHO. I mean, if you cheat and look up the solutions to a puzzle game, why the fuck are you playing it in the first place? Anyway, Mushroom Quest was not like that. I didn’t cheat, and I did get stuck a few times, but after stepping away from the game, my brain figured it out and I was able to finish the whole thing. Noice!

I’ve got this weekend, and then next weekend too, so hopefully I can get over 6000 this time.

You’re keeping pace with me, I think I may be around 3700, 3800. I’m up to my elbows in Mass Effect, which is going to slow me down this time around. I may fit in a smaller, easier little game between ME and ME2, just to try to squeeze out a little extra points. I don’t see myself getting close to 10,000 this time though, no way.

Uh oh. I don’t see Xbox Game Pass for PC - 6800 points for one month on the rewards page anymore. The only Game Pass option I see now is 12000 points for one month of Ultimate. Noooooo!

One game I bought in last week’s sale for $3 or something was “Without Escape”, since it was recommended in that TrueAchievement article as a good adventure game besides being easy achievements.

And unfortunately, I should have read more details than “adventure game”, because it is the Myst/Riven style of adventure game that I hate, where you’re going around an empty world with no characters except yourself, solving riddles. Ugh. After bashing my head against it for 20 minutes, I said fuck it, and used to walkthrough to finish the game in another 15 minutes. I don’t have time for that kind of game. I just don’t get the appeal of Myst, never have, never will.

So how far did everyone get yesterday?

Last I checked last night, I was at 7555. But I think I got two more achievements in Supraland after that. So maybe around 7575 I think.

You beat me, I think I got to around 6000 or so.

Only 3400 or so. I got distracted by gameplay and forgot to keep grinding the cheeves out. I suspect that being “supposed” to generate them makes a part of me want to subvert the program. Ah well, 3k extra rewards points is always welcome. I’ve managed to generate enough to pay for almost half of a memory expansion card for the Series X after only half a year.

Anyone ever enter the sweepstakes using points and won? Thanks to this thread, I started doing the web daily sets, and had more points piling in, so I threw a few thousand (Maybe $5 worth ;) ) at one of the sweepstakes which ended June 1.

Logged in yesterday to see if I had won, and “results pending”. Apparently I won’t find out until August what the results are. That’s no fun!

On the other hand, do your daily sets if you want points. Takes about 2 minutes a day.

Never. I assume it happens, but experience has taught me I’m not a “sweepstakes win” kind of guy.

Yeah I generally just stick to store credit with my points. Never been a big gambler.

Yeah, I’ve never won anything in the sweepstakes. I usually only enter when they give me free entries, but I did pay for some entries once.

With my Ultimate Game Pass topped up for 3 years, and $10 at a time auto-redeemed for $$ on the Xbox store, I do have to wonder what I’m going to spend all these accumulated points on exactly. I guess I might go the @Mellified route and maybe around November I can get Microsoft currency and spend it on the online Microsoft store to get accessories or something on Black Friday.

Halfway there: Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X | S | Xbox

Yeah, I was thinking either that or the Elite Controller 2. Funny that the Elite controller is actually $40 cheaper than the expansion card.

I think I have enough points that I can already afford the expansion card now, if I convert all my points.

Since the Xbox store credit expires after 90 days, I wound up dropping the $10 auto-redemption because the discount wasn’t worth having to use it or lose it.

I generally let mine build up, and every few months I’ll use it when they’re doing a spend-$60-get-6000-points promo on either a sale or a new release I want. Have also rented the occasional movie when there was something we wanted to watch that wasn’t on our streaming services.

Yeah, I’m thinking I may drop the auto-redeem $10 Xbox card. It’s incentivizing me to buy stuff that I may not be totally into. And I kind of like @RickH’s idea about the memory expansion.

Ooh! Good idea. I’m actually on the auto card plan, but like I said, I threw a few thousand points at the Surface Studio 2 bundle sweeps.

A massively overpriced computer (to me), lacking a gaming graphics card, but looks like it could be really cool. Also, it was kind of buried under the other sweepstakes, which I figured (hoped?) might not get as many entries. Oh, and to add to that, I get the sense they weren’t getting as many entries as they wanted, as in the last week, the price for 25 entries was cut in half, from 2k points to 1k points.

Will update…

I think I only hit something like 495. Was too busy for games. Ah well, next time.

The Xbox Game Pass for PC reward has been back for a bit now, btw. So I couldn’t resist getting it today. After all, my Ultimate Game Pass expires in February 2024 now. So I got 3 months of Game Pass for PC for 20,400 points, which translates into 2 months of UGP. So I should be good until April 2024 now. 20,400 for two months of UGP is a much better price than 24,000 points if you chose the UGP reward itself.

Damn, wish I would’ve known about that yesterday when I went through the painstaking process of converting 6 $10 Amazon cards to buy 6 months of Game Pass on Amazon, which works out to be 63000 points.

Well, this method would cost you 61,200 points, so it’s not that big a savings. Only 1800 points.