Xbox One controller may not get Windows drivers after all

Rumor for now:

According to the source, Microsoft’s current plan is to release a Windows version of the controller that would come bundled with a dongle, and not release PC drivers for the Xbox One version.

I don’t get this and struggle to believe it is actually true.

Apparently the xbone controller does transmit over the cable, if connected, so it’s not like whatever driver makes this bundled version work won’t be extracted/hacked/modified and unofficially retrofitted to the xbone controller anyway!

I think this must just be rumour-mill based on MS very likely releasing a PC bundle for non-xbone customers.

Yes, I think it’s a misinterpretation of what the source was told.

For example, originally Microsoft wanted PC players to buy the special Windows version of the 360 controller. No one bought it. They just grabbed the wired 360 controller and plugged it in.