Xcom 2


Edit: Use Commander’s Choice mod. You pick the class that they get when they level up.

Well thanks to this thread, I started a 3rd campaign with new mods. Last time I rage quit when a number of my most elite troopers got whacked in a mission. I think this is what stops me from enjoying the game: I can’t stand losing my high level dudes.

I can’t either. This is why I avail myself of this technique that’s all the rage called “savescumming.” You may have heard of it. ;-)

I mean, if a grunt dies, no biggie, but a Colonel or something? Naaah, F that noise.

I think I tried that a few times and got discouraged anyway :-). I likely still have the save, but I remember Advent had some armored vehicles/people and they kept kicking my butts.

Sectopods and andromedons? Mechs? Bluescreen rounds are your friend. Gunslinger uses lightning hands to soften up sectopod and fan fire to finish it off. Bluescreen rounds can one shot a heavy mech or a turret.

It’s early April 2035 and I just beat back an alien takedown of my ship. I don’t think I’ve ever had this many dudes in bad shape, perhaps better armor will help? (and this was me scavescumming multiple times to avoid the worse results)

I finally got around to playing this (base game only without WotC) and saved scummed my way to victory after 2 bad starts. Save scumming is the only way I can beat these games. Only took about 90 hours. I like this much better than the previous one and may well be better than the original DOS version which was my favorite of all-time. I played on Series X, was a bit buggy with about 10 crashes or freezes, but since it autosaves every turn I didn’t lose much time and ultimately didn’t kill my fun. After seeing what they did here, I’m really stoked for Xcom 3. I hope Xcom 3 goes back to the spirit of the original with aircraft combat and such.

Hmm. I may have to run another campaign. It is also my most played steam game. Wonder how it plays on the deck. Does it have controller support?

I also bounced off of Chimera Squad. Is it short enough that I should just try to power through it again?

So did I. As for your next question, I can’t answer that.

I got well into Chimera Squad myself. It’s an interesting game (the breaching mechanic and the one that incentivizes disabling vs. killing are cool) and I mean to go back to it. Don’t like it as much as XCom 2, though.

I was thinking of buying the collection bundle on steam for 13 bucks. I see a number of recent reviews complaining about the 2k launcher. How bad is it? Does it have to be used?

I’ve had zero issues with their launcher. I’m a simple man and would prefer not to use it, but it’s handled mod loading perfectly fine so far.

I THINK (but don’t quote me) that you can launch it from the .exe without the Launcher.

Barring that… there’s always GOG

It’s a piece of crap. You don’t have to use it though. There’s a nice alternate 3rd party launcher and that’s what I use. It’s great.

What if you aren’t using mods?

Try it from the .exe and do a Steam refund if it doesn’t work!

Looks like you were right.

One thing about this game that bothers me is how much computing power it uses. I’m in the Avenger main screen and the game is really hammering my 3070 (which is many years newer than this game).

The tagline for this game should be “Very exciting and great at generating heat!”


Any idea what fps is? Wondering if you need a frame limiter.

I too, am curious about the answer to this question. The graphics aren’t that crazy great.