XCOM shooter beamed away

Title XCOM shooter beamed away
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When April 15, 2013

2K has removed the page for their XCOM shooter as well as all the preview videos from their official Youtube page..

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Thats just devastating. I was so hoping it would come through. Im a massive fun of the original XCom and this game looked so promising to me.

Sure it wasnt the original gameplay formula, but as a spiritual prequel it looked insanely good. From the X-Files/Fringe mood to the quirky weapons. It looked remarkable. Even now, the art from that picture it looks interesting and different than most of the promogarbage that cabme out with that crappy pseudocom remake that Jake Donovan made successful by doing his duly 5 million visits to the BAY Area marketing [ups, sorry... JOURNALIST] idiots.

Its just sad. Could have been a fantastic experience, but the SIMS and Internet retards that probably never even tried out DOSBOX Xcom killed it.

I and all my Hardcore XCom friends from back in the days tip our hats and raise a tumbler. Sure as hell cant play that dumb 2.move xcom with the uncle scientist and that russian whore scientist double racism trope and the lego castle and no time units ah what the hell time to get loaded...

I hope it doesn't vanish entirely. It wasn't the X-COM anyone wanted, but it was looking like a decently intriguing shooter on its own merits.

I agree. I still want to assemble a squad of square-jawed G-Men and fight some aliens.

The rumor was half true, it turns out. The game has been rebranded as The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.