Xplay getting revamped?

Been noticing that Xplay has been airing regularly the past two weeks and the humor has been turn down a few notices from Wacky to maybe actually funny. I’ve been enjoy it but I’ve read on Joystick that Xplay is getting revamped. Any rumors (or comments from those that know) as to what is up?

MattKeil, we summon thee!

I doubt he can say either way, which is why I just didn’t directly ask him.

There will be some changes in 2006, but nothing that will mess with the basic formula of the show. The last few months have seen the conclusion of a lot of side projects and the core staff is back to focusing on the show full time again. In January we’ll be actively workshopping how to improve the show in various ways, both onscreen and behind the scenes.

Essentially it’s coming up on three years of X-Play in April, and it’s time to take a good hard look at what’s good and not-so-good about the show. The show’s not going anywhere, though, and it’s still going to be Adam and Morgan reviewing games with wit, sarcasm, and poo jokes.

Plus, more man on man action than Brokeback Mountain.

Do a review of Brokeback Mountain for Xbox360. Just use scenes from Gun and Red Dead Revolver and edit them together. See if you can get a senator or some family group to complain about it. Give it a 5/5.

In other G4 news, they picked up the rights to air Star Trek and Start Trek: The Next Generation. They’re apparently trying to broaden their nerd TV watching base.


Ugh, yet more shows I have no desire to watch

Classic Star Trek is good for cheese value, Next Generation has Patrick Stewart’s full sexy voice but I wouldn’t watch it. If they go all Sci-fi network and air every hour long show with low production values and hot chicks deliberately ratted up with the latex forehead of the week, well, I will just have to go back to listening to the books on tape version of the best of Penthouse Forum as read by Don Knotts.

Deer Xplay,

I luv ur sho. but my gf wnt let me watch it.

so plz make morgen naked more, then shed like it.


“Your not married, you haven’t got a girlfriend, and you’ve never watched Star Trek?”


“Good lord.”

I much prefer Judgement Day to Xplay. At least Judgment Day attempts to appease the older gaming demographic, i.e. over 20. As far as I’m concerned the whole show should be revamped into something that I can at least take seriously. I have no problem with Adam and Morgan for the most part but the skits need to go - I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that has even made me crack a smile - they are simple filler. Now if its the case that the show is aimed at a juevenile audience then by all means keep it the way it is.

As a counterexample, I am over 30 and like the skits. Particularly the ones featuring Drunken Link, and most of the episode where Adam and Morgan look for the missing E.T. cartridges.

It’s aimed at an 18-34 male demographic. On average X-Play viewers skew older than Judgment Day’s viewers.

I am over 30 and like the skits. Particularly the ones featuring Drunken Link

I think most of the skits involving X-Play producer Michael Leffler are really funny. His Stan Lee thing leaves me in stitches every time. And Matt, you can let him know I said that.

My 2-cents? It’s odd, but the shows I like the most are the ones set up like mini-features. The Robot one comes to mind. It’s kind of like watching a show about the people who make a show about video games. The shorter skits sprinkled throughout a regular show format just feel wrong to me.

Now if they would only lose the celeb cutout heads popping up in the reviews… :wink:

Yeah, the celeb cutout heads are the one thing I like to see go.

It’s aimed at an 18-34 male demographic. On average X-Play viewers skew older than Judgment Day’s viewers.[/quote]

My guess is that can be attributed to the time slots. Judgment Day comes off as a fairly respectable review source to me. I’m not sure the same can be said of X-Play.

Judgement Day, respectable? Isn’t that the show with Tommy “I did the music so the game gets 5 stars” Tallarico on it?


My worry is that G4 is systematically re-orienting itself further and further away from games, which currently is their unique remit, and into more of a broader, “manly” Spike TV clone. We’re already seeing ample evidence of this with the various non-gaming shows that are cropping up, and there is more to come with the repositioning of Icons as a less game-focused show and tired ideas like picking up the Star Trek rights, which is a blatant steal from the Spike TV playbook.

If they have evidence that the “all games all the time” format has simply not been working, then fair enough, they need to reprogram. But becoming Spike TV 2: The Regurtitatening, just seems like the most lazy and uninspired idea imaginable.