Yomi the fighting card game

Yomi is a dueling-style card game created by Sirlin.net. It is a hard copy card game with an excellent online version. I believe the first printing has sold out.

Yomi on BGG:http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/43022/yomi

Yomi online: http://www.fantasystrike.com/dev/

I’ve been playing the online version and really enjoying it. The game has 10 decks, all complete and each representing an individual fighter. Each fighter has their own strengths and a few unique powers. It takes a while to learn what each of them do (I’ve only played with half of them so far), but the learning curve is generally short. The game is in fact pretty simple, but the real enjoyment is trying to outwit/outguess your opponent, based on what character they have and what they’re trying to do.

I just destroyed my brother three games in a row, so naturally I’m pretty high on the game right now.

It should be noted that this game is very, very close to being a 2D fighting videogame translated into card form. Incredible depth, tons of technique to discover, and all ten character play very differently. Fitting, since the designer, David Sirlin, is one of the original Street Fighter pros and literally wrote the book on competitive gaming.

Yomi’s sold out until April, but I highly, highly recommend it when it’s back in stock. Until then, the online version is pretty slick.

It looks like it’s in stock at amazon.com and thoughthammer.com

That does sound pretty good, although for non collectible gamers the price for the full game is a bit steep. I’ll look around at the next game fest and see if I can get a crack at it although 2p games tend to be rare.

Thanks for pointing that out, the former is much more convenient for me. This looks pretty interesting.

This game is supposed to fund a fighting game based on the card game, but I believe Sirlin is still looking for programmers to work on it apparently. Might be a job opportunity for some folks.

If I had the social environment to play card games, I would definitely have picked this up- Sirlin’s a really talented designer, and I prefer his ideas for fighting games to what we get out of the genre these days.

Oh, and there is a dedicated forum for the game over at Sirlin’s site (www.sirlin.net/forums).

I ordered a First Edition back in January from CSI, but it’s waiting to get shipped out with Alien Frontiers, whenever that gets released. Arrgh.

Arise, Thread!

This morning I happened to stumble across this on Steam, and had to get it, being a sucker for digital board/card games (none of my real friends play them).

Just playing the first tutorial and looking at the manual and tutorial videos on Youtube, I’m convinced this will take a while to learn, let alone master.