You can watch Neill Blomkamp's new work for free, but it's in Steam early access

Release an initial “volume” of a movie, get feedback from customers, then possibly adjust and continue. Additionally, Blomkamp expects buyers of the assets to use them for their own projects tied into the film. A bit like allowing users to create workshop mods for games, although there’s no word on if those audience collaborators will get a cut of Oats Studio’s revenue.

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Was great.

Can’t wait for them to make more stuff.


Is that a picture of a Rakka up there? Don’t spoil anything!


Just watched it. Incredible! Hope it can get audience for studio to greenlight a full feature film.


It was pretty awesome! I want to know what happen next.
I can’t wait for the next volume.


I’m getting a strong Elysium vibe from this. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, since there were so many things I loved and hated about that movie.


Oops, did not see this when I posted a link in the youtube-thread yesterday. It’s awesome!


The latest installment is out now.


That attention to detail… !
A lot of gore there, but still… looks ‘legit’.


Looks awesome. Again. I wouldn’t mind at all if they made both of these trailers into real movies!



That was great, first one they’ve made that kinda fits into a little scene only and do not necessarily need a full feature length movie, the other tho should’ve been made though.


Is that Matthew Mcconaughey?


Nope. It’s Sharlto Copley, perennial favorite of Neil Blomkamp.


Ok. Thought I recognized something about his eyes. But obviously I was wrong :-)


There’s a whole mini-series up now:


Poor Bill.


Zygote - Dakota Fanning vs a Silent Hill monster


Great idea for a “master key” :-)


I really liked that one. That is a fucking monster design.