"You crack me up little buddy."

painful update! see last post

Just got through playing again one of the most humorous games period (.)

Now the waiting for the next one is even more unbearable. Has anyone heard anything about it recently? I know that lucasarts officially announced it last E3 and should be due sometime around spring 2004 for PC. Hopefully they won’t mess it up.

Here’s the official site which hasn’t been updated since the announcement, but they do have a teaser trailer and a couple shots/concept art.

They were running the trailer at GenCon - just 3D footage of Sam N Max - looked good on the surface. Impossible to tell if they’ll capture the humor and twisted but cool puzzle stuff.


Who’s developing it?
I heard it’s going to be more of an action/platformer type game.
I’m not sure how I feel about that.

If it’s not a puzzle game, I will be personally offended.

That game was so twisted… yet so good.

That was the old new Sam and Max project, which died awhile back.

I believe the new one is an adventure game in the traditional mold, but don’t hold me to it.

They promised that Sam&Max 2 will be a typical point’n click adventure.

I remember buying this for my 286 and enjoying it even though it ran like a complete dog in the freak house. Years later someone gave me the CD rom version to check out and I scoffed at the very idea of giving them voices. Well, turns out they did a great job with it. I have faith that the new one will be great. If only because I couldn’t live another day if I thought it would be bad.

Yeah, I’ve heard it’s point-and-click too. I’m psyched for that one myself. 8)

Just as long as it won’t be another Escape from Monkey island.

I really hope they do this right. With sporks.

Since this is being developed for bot the pc & Xbox, I don’t see how its going to be Point & Click. I’d assume it would be similar to Grim Fandango interface wise. Have they officially said?

They haven’t announced it for the Xbox.

From the website:
Availability: Spring 2004
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC Windows

Q&A/Preview at Adventuregamers:

What type of engine are you using for Sam & Max: Freelance Police?

[Michael Stemmle:] It’s a point-and-click adventure game engine that’s been cobbled together from parts of engines that are already lying around LucasArts. There’s a little bit of the new Full Throttle game in there, along with a hint of Gladius, a smidge of RTX, and even a touch of Obi-Wan. We’re trying really really really hard not to create “The Wheel, version 5.0” on this project.

Well, ok then. That settles that.

That site totally rocks for adventure game info. They’re the most professional, timely adventure site around. 8) 8)

Absolutely can’t wait for this game… I jsut wish they’d start releasing more details/screens/whatever.

Anyone know what happened with that rumored Windows port of Sam n Max? I’d love to play it again, but I don’t feel like fighting with the dos version or with sourceforge crapola.

There’s a version of Armed and Dangerous that comes with the Windows version of Sam and Max, but I hear there’s a bug that doesn’t provide sound in the circus tent. I caved in and just tried ScummVM and it worked like a charm in XP. Zero problems

There’s a new Q&A with Michael Stemmle at C&VG:

How will the control system work now that the game is in 3D? Compared to how it played in the original point ‘n’ click adventure?

Stemmle: Pretty darned well. All we’ve done is taken the old 2D point ‘n’ click system, and replaced the ‘2’ with a ‘3’. OK, I hear there was also some programming involved, but that’s the essence of it.

Can you tell us anything about the story for Sam & Max: Freelance Police?

Stemmle: The story of Sam & Max: Freelance Police is really six stories, loosely held together by a thrilling über-plot. The individual stories are wide-ranging cases of the Freelance Police, featuring exotic locales (such as a low-rent space station, and a lame-ass neopagan desert bacchanal) and freakish bad guys (like an exceptionally honked-off Miss Congeniality, and a rogue artificial intelligence made out of tortilla chips).

And the crowd goes wild.


Too bad there was no mention of a release date.