You have died... again. Dark Souls 2 announced


Good recommendation! I think I need to compile an entire inspirational playlist for this feat.


I swapped my mace +10 out for my large club +10 and I can get the Fume Knight consistently down to 50%, but man that second phase is rough. Still. Progress.


Got him down to 1/3 once, but I think that’s as far as I’ll get today. I’ve decided to take a break, and make use of my stockpile of bonfire ascetics try my hand at soloing earlier bosses I’ve always summoned on. So far, The Last Giant and the Dragonrider both went down on the first try.

Maybe I’m not as terrible at this game as I had thought?


Be careful, cause that bonfire ascetic also makes the boss harder. But with most bosses once you figure out their move set you have won half the battle.


I’ve also discovered it spawns red phantoms all over the place, as well.


I haven’t played SOFTS, only vanilla DS2. Even in that using an ascetic advances the game to another + level and yes, that could mean another NPC invasion or phantom.


In SotFS, there are just red phantoms walking around all over the place after using a bonfire acetic. No invasion necessary.


Sadly, little progress to report on the Fume Knight front. I can get him to the second phase pretty consistently, but he just wrecks me there.

But I have been pleasantly surprised at my success replaying bosses via bonfire acetics. The Pursuer, Old Dragonslayer, and Flexile Sentry all went down on my first solo attempts. It feels good to know I am actually getting better at this game.


I haven’t fought the Fume Knight (makes me think of wine), but the others after several playthrus seemed easy. I went into DS3 thinking I would kick ass, but while I got past the first sorta boss on the first try the next real boss took me probably 7-8 tries.

I imagine the DS2 DLC bosses to be a step harder, much like the DS1 DLC bosses were.


No further progress to report on Fume Knight, but The Rotten went down on my second solo attempt. Maybe I’ll jump over to The Crown of the Ivory King for a bit.


I don’t understand what’s so bad about Fume Knight. I think I got him on my second try, but it might have been luck. Then again, nothing can get at you if you have Havel’s Greatshield.


after finishing DS 1 I was ready to move on, Scholars of the first sin edition. It feels so different, not only the movement, but everything feels more weighty, hefty … it actually reminds me more of Demon Souls.

What is this, you die and you lose a bit of your healthbar? Wow, I like that, dying has a bit more weight. But I think you can use effigy to regain your health bar.

And the torch system is now actually implemented? We will see …

I fear I started wrong with a sorcerer class … I wanted easy mode, but I don’t even have the stats for target shield … but I seem to be able to parry nevertheless.

this game is harsh, very harsh. I don’t have online on the PS4, sigh, so no help


I am just about finished in my second play thru of DS2 SOTFS. It has enough changes from vanilla DS2 that the first time you play it there may be a few annoying events, but by the second play thru you come to look forward to those. DS2 is also nice in that NG+ has changes in enemies and positioning.

The DLS for SOTFS are also pretty good, especially a couple of the boss fights.

As for losing health do to dying, you can use effigies but the loss will eventually stop at 75%, maybe? Also you will eventually find a ring that will set the loss at a higher threshold.

As for online, there isn’t a lot of action on the PC right now. I think I have been invaded 3-4 times in about 45 hours. Some bosses do have summons but I have not been able to get summoned. The game does supply a generous number of NPC summons for boss fights though. You do need to be human though, both for summoning, invading and putting down a summon sign.

As for the torch system, some areas of SOTFS are very dark and you will find a torch almost necessary. Take advantage and light things when you can, it may help. depending on your play style the sorcery that grants light is good as well.


this feels harder than Dark Souls, maybe because I know DS 1 pretty well … I put enough points in ADP so that I can roll and not get hit, movement feels good now at 96 agility.

But going blind into the levels is still terrifying. But I had good coop time with some random dude, helping with the first giant (PS4). Paid for one month PS+, the online stuff is just a big part of a souls game, messages, blood stains, without it it felt so drab

Yeah, decided to put enough in STR and DEX in order to get some melee going, pure sorcery is tough, I want to hit things with a sword or axe


I don’t get it. I am Soul level 50 already and barely scratched the game , killed the giant boss, the Pursuer and wandering around Heide tower … comparing to DS1 I would be level 25 soemthing… at the end of game of DS1 I was SL 80


I will admit to not being averse to leveling up when I get the souls. I think you do end up a higher level in this game than either Ds1 or DS3. I am done with everything but 2 of the DLCs and I am in the 150s. I think even now a level only costs 30K + souls. In DS3 it would be double that probably and I don’t remember where that would fall in DS1.

Sorcery is highly doable in this game but I usually start melee and then re-spec later in the game for sorcery.


so you can get invaded while hollow? wow … happend with an NPC invader, I thought it was limited to npcs


I was shocked the first time I was invaded by a real person and I wasn’t human.

I think with NPCs it varies. Some invade only if you are human, others invade regardless.


yeah, I meant to say that I was later invaded by some dude, usually recognizable by character name. I react with suicide if I am hollow, if human depends… not sure how rare effigy is. I don’t like it that they changed that rule. It was fair, you want to summon help, then you have to be human and then you can be invaded, that’s the deal. What deal is there when I get invaded and I am hollow?


With so few people playing now it is probably no big deal but I can just imagine how difficult it was to progress in certain areas when the game was new. The bridge at the Iron Keep was invasion central even a year or two after the original version came out. Of the 5-6 invasions I have dealt with 2 of them have been there.