You have died... again. Dark Souls 2 announced


Haha yeah, I would think so!


Watched a youtube video “In Defense of Dark Souls 2” that seems to be quite popular (1.3 million views!). And while a lot of the common criticisms he addresses I personally don’t have much of a problem with, it has made me appreciate the game more, while also crystalizing my own views of its shortcomings.

I’d link the video but I’m at work and youtube it blocked.

One thing I can’t resolve for myself is how I feel about fast travel. While I really loved the layout and interconnectedness of Lordran, I’m not a hater of DS2 because of the “hub and spoke” design of Drangleic. I’m fine with it.

However, quite like Sekiro, I don’t feel like I know the world as well as I did Lordran. And that’s because of fast travel. When you can just zip zip between bonfires, a lot of the exploration of a level, and getting to know the details, is lost.

The convenience of fast travel, and the way it frees the design of a level, and eliminates the tediousness of trekking back and forth over long distances I don’t think I can live without.

But…I do not have the same attachment to the world as I did in DS1. I do not know a solution to this problem.

Fast travel also makes replays much more enjoyable. I’m already sick of trudging back and forth between areas in my switch DS1 game.


You’ve nailed the trade off, and that’s part of the reason DS2 was so refreshing at the time. You mentioned how the levels were kind of boring and ran together, which is absolutely true. But it’s also less relevant because in your next playthroughs you’ll be sprinting through them with a shopping list for your next build, fighting a few fun bosses, then warping home when you have the items you need. Then into the engaging PvP or some new single player challenge run.

It’s a different experience than Dark Souls.


This is a great point, and I’ve already experienced a taste of this after I respecced.

Playing these games back to back magnifies the differences, but my views aren’t yet set in stone. More specifically, the initial hurdle of learning the changes seems steeper, but my personal hang-ups are less.

Maybe this is why I had zero problem going from DS1 into something as different as Sekiro, unlike a lot of the vocal souls community who seem to be quite upset by a lot of stuff I love in that game.

On this score I’m guessing Bloodborne will be more in line with the fresh eyes I took to Sekiro, and DS3 will be more in line with how I struggled initially with DS2.

Very curious what my reaction to Demon’s Souls will be.


I couldn’t remember his name, but that is how I understand it and if you spend anytime reading the Steam Forums on the DS games it seems to be the general belief.

Haven’t played it, but I recently have gained access to a PS4 so I am thinking of giving it a try. DS3 is said to have a lot of Bloodborne influence in the quicker combat and combos.


In the whole of the DS3 world I would bet there are probably more people available to summon for Aava than any other boss, at least in my last two play thrus. I have probably killed Aava two dozen times as a summon. And yes, the other boss you mentioned, in fact that entire area, is a joke.


The messages he mentions have been there every time I played thru the area. I think they are put there by the designers. The second part, lighting the brazier, is a change from vanilla DS2. Lighting it in vanilla just gave you light, not red phantoms.


Lol, TimShames.

That said. Tim does not shame.


Your memory of all things DS2, including the differences between the two versions, is amaaaaazing. You’re some kind of Dark Souls 2 savant Scuzz.


There may be differences with my time zone, but the only time I successfully got a summon (or was successfully summoned) was around the Pursuer boss arena. The other boss I really tried hard to get summons for - and failed was Elana Squalid Queen. I didn’t even get the summon sign for both of the NPCs that should have been in the area, so me and one other NPC was just not happening. But like I said, I’d just been worn down by this time and quitting felt like a release.


Is this about me? Did I miss a funny joke?


Sorry, @TimJames. This is the quote my comment refers to.

I was reading this thread in one big chunk. I realize 3 days ago is light years in forum time.


So, the Vendrick reveal was awesome. And the Velstadt fight gets added to my list of memorable fights. Had a solid feel the first go, but only managed to get like 1/8th of this health down. Next attempt I got about a 1/4th and got to see his dark magic attacks up close. Third attempt I brought my pal the grave warden with his hilarious sword, but that was a total shitshow. My man kept eating the overhead slam attack and my katana was doing piddling damage due to the multiplayer boss-buff. But on my forth attempt (solo) I got him. I like these fairly straightforward but incredibly risky fights. Velstadt only had a few move combinations + the nasty dark magic, but if you messed up even a little bit you’d get owned.

Solid stuff.

But back to Vendrick. Holy shit. Story spoilers I guess? If anyone cares.


The game builds him up as this valiant king who claimed the four lord souls and strode across the sea to defeat the giants. And when I finally meet him, this is what he’s reduced to?

So good. His armor discarded in a pile on the floor. And that room he’s in! With small holes in the roof, white light streaming down, not unlike what raw humanity looks like down in the abyss.

And what a spin on Gwyn. Yeah sure that fight with Gwyn is melancholy and filled with pathos, but it’s not nearly as bleak as Vendrick’s fate. At least Gwyn took the throne, tried his best.

Vendrick’s decision, his whole quest, speaks to the futility of it all. Take the throne, kindle the first flame: your empire still falls to ruin. Refuse the throne, flee the light: you’re left mad and hollow, pacing around in circles hidden away in a crypt.

And what am I supposed to do now? Take the throne anyway, so says the Emerald Herald? I guess we’ll see.

Oh and Aldia’s Keep is great. Game is really humming now. It was painful to have to stop for bed last night, right as I was about to enter some desiccated thunderdome. Wonder what’s waiting for me inside?


Don’t forget to check back in his room after the DLC.


Nice, will do!

It’s funny, in DS1 I was feeling a bit fatigued near the end, and didn’t have the drive to master Manus and Kalameet. I’m having the opposite reaction to the near-end of DS2. I feel like it’s taken me this long to really get comfortable, and I’m super engaged in the story, and I’m eager to dive headlong into whatever challenges are left.


I checked Steam yesterday and figure I have almost 1,500 hours into the 4 versions of Dark Souls I have played. I really need to get a life.


I have found regardless of which game I was playing that there seems to be certain times when people are around. So definitely time zones play into it.

There should have been one almost directly in front of the door. I was never able to find the other one. I do think one of the things they did right with DS3 is that there is an NPC summons for almost every boss fight, except for maybe 2 that I can think of. I never saw one for Aldritch and the Giant requires you to do an NPC’s quest line for him to be available.

But overall I think DS3 offers more NPC summons than the other games.


That is a great fight.

I have found adding an NPC summons can almost hurt you with some boss fights. I can say I have now beaten almost every boss solo now but for several play thrus there bosses I summoned for. I like to put down a summons sign while playing and I find the number of players who summon 3 players (or NPCs) surprising. I don’t think they realize that adding summons can make the boss harder. Especially since there are some NPCs who are helpful and others who are literally useless, just there to give you a chance to back off and drink estus, and in many cases that isn’t worth the added difficulty.


Can I consult the Scuzzopedia? Which fight was this? I’m not good with names. Velstadt?


He is the guy you face before you meet Vendrick in the crypts. Big guy, with a big hammer who deals in dark orbs.