You have won a fake Amazon gift Card!


Sheesh, I am getting these messages on normal sites (that have advertising) and I can’t seem to get past them (iPad). And tips on how to move past them?


If it is anything like fine art, sometimes even the counterfeits are worth some money if they are good.

I hope that was helpful.


Uninstall browser and reinstall. And then don’t go back to that site.


I don’t think I can uninstall Safari on iPad can I?


I thought you were using Chrome.

Here you go, Sir.

iDevice Safari Phishing Adware Popups

  1. Kill Safari by double-tapping on the Home button. Locate Safari in the taskbar, then slide the Safari mini-page upwards so it vanishes.
  2. Tap Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data. Next, locate Security section and slide the “Block Pop-Ups” switch to the On position.
  3. Press the Home button to return to your Home screen.
  4. If this doesn’t help, then reset your device. It won’t delete your data. Press and hold down the On/Off button and the Home button until the display turns off and returns with the Apple logo showing.


@jpinard have you tried Firefox Focus? I use it on my Android and it’s great, no ads, no tracking, just small and clean, gets the job done.


You can also use Brave which is based on Google Chrome that I find to be quicker and more responsive than Firefox (as much as I’ve tried using it on my phone over the years). It comes with all sorts of built-in ad, scripts and tracking blockers, monitors and https everywhere functionality, all on by default, but can be disabled easily on a per site basis.


Safari is much better on iPad, since it is baked into the system. He doesn’t need any of that anyway. Safari can be set to block popups and not track you out of the box.

Then run an adblocker for anything that goes over the top (I never got pop ups even before I ran one though). I run 1Blocker X, which is widely seen as the best, but there are numerous free ones out there.


I came into this thread because I was promised a fake Amazon gift card.



Grab a pop-up/ad blocker app for safari. You’ll never get them again.

(Don’t forget to go into Settings->Safar->Content Blockers and activate it. The one I have is called Ad Blocker - totally free, great reviews, no more pop ups (or ads in front of YouTube videos).)


Same here. I didn’t even get a Nigerian prince offering me his vast fortune.


I’ll help you both out. PM me your checking account and routing numbers and I’ll see if I can find a Nigerian Prince who will give you both access to his Swiss bank accounts. Sound good?


I also use and highly recommend 1Blocker X. A solid ad/content blocker should be standard operating procedure on every platform these days, and if you’re uneasy disrupting advertising revenue, just whitelist the sites you trust and want to support.

1Blocker X seems to always come out on top for iOS recommendations, but there are some other options. Here’s a recent rundown of a few of them:


I spent 15 minutes this morning trying to find that blog post. Just remembered some other blog posted it. So thanks. It’s a great breakdown of what to use for iOS.


Figured I’d resurrect this to ask, is there a good adblocker for Android browsers? I’ve got Chrome (of course) and Firefox installed. I was looking at a great walkthrough site and while I don’t mind seeing reasonable ads on screen, I draw the line at bullshit inescapable redirects that I can’t back out of (and are not simply a new tab either, so I can’t just go to the tab I was on before).


Blokada for Android via the APK on their site

1BlockerX for iOS


Install a reputable ad-blocker for Safari on iOS, @jpinard.


So, like we told him 3 months ago? :-)


Basically, yeah.