You want an rpg? you cant handle the ultima!

Here’s a nice touchup of U4.

Brings back the old days of yore… days when you played and played and loved it. YOU CANT HANDLE IT NOW!


As much as I’ve loved all of those games, I can’t go back and play them again. I dont know why but I cant even go back and play fallout or xcom any more.

I tried going back and playing this again when the chronicles were released with U9. The thing that made it tough for me to play again (and why I didn’t finish it) was the pain in the butt was having to mix spells over and over again. In a Windows world, that would be tied to a slider or something to make it more convenient. I was fine with the rest of the game and still loved it.

My major beef with Ultima 4 is your inability to aim anywhere other than the four cardinal directions in combat. Ultima 5 rendered me unable to go back to the earlier games.

As far as spells/reagents go, Ultima 6 handled this fine IMO. It doesn’t force you to mix reagents at all, and instead tells you that you can cast a particular spell xx number of times based on how many reagents you have.

Same here. I’ve already played Ultima IV through 3 or 4 times - a fifth just wouldn’t be fun.

However, a new RPG that stressed becoming a paragon of virtue instead of just becoming a badass, well, that would be awesome. (Hint hint, developers reading this.)

For those of you looking for Ultima4 in a differet perspective, this mod for Neverwinter Nights is excellent. Of course, this board probably already knows about it…

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and of course, there is this remake as well… I’ve been waiting for this one.

Made in Dark Basic too I notice. Sweet.

I still like more to play Ultima 7 in all its data disks and version using a wonderful dedicated emulator:

Now I would really like to make the two “Underworld” work perfectly. Any hints? And, oh, the first, WONDERFUL, System Shock.