You were too fast to live, too young to die, but CGI!

Looks like the day we were warned about has finally arrived:

If he’s not too busy making another cheap Mad Max ripoff, maybe they can get James Franco to play his evil twin or something.

“With the rapidly evolving technology, we see this as a whole new frontier for many of our iconic clients. This opens up a whole new opportunity for many of our clients who are no longer with us.”

You know you’re in the right business when your “clientele” is made up of dead people.

Didn’t this day arrive with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow?

It did? Who was in that?

The 13-years dead Laurence Olivier as a holographic mad scientist.

If you want to get technical, it started even before that. There was Oliver Reed’s post-death scenes in Gladiator, and John Wayne and Fred Astaire were digitally resurrected to sell some crap on TV.

This time’s a bit different, since the James Dean character will be the secondary lead, according to the article. I’d guess that Peter Cushing’s scenes in Rogue One are currently the record holder for most screen time for an actor who was dead long before production started, so I guess it’ll be like that, but more.

…why does anyone even want to include James Dean in this movie?

What’s the point?

Seems like it’s entirely intended to generate hype for what will likely be a terrible movie.

Also, I’m gonna maybe piss folks off, but… James Dean was a shitty actor. Seriously, when I actually saw movies including him, I was amazed at how bad he was, having heard about what a legend he was.

I’m reminded of David Brin’s (more optimistic) take on a 1984-style future in Earth:

It’s been more than two decades since Earth was first published. Since then, some things have eerily come true. The prediction getting the most attention was the book’s portrayal of a vivid, dynamic world wide web — though under a different name. (Note how the web-address system it uses differs from the URL codes that developed a few years later.) Some people credit Earth with foreseeing the ‘web page’ and self-forming internet communities, but the ideas were already latent — almost obvious — when Brin began writing the book in 1987.

The same holds true for ‘wearable’ computing… the ability to walk about in wireless contact with a seamless Net, looking up information, even through your VR glasses. Some say this first appeared in Earth , but several people spoke of similar possibilities even earlier.

As for Global Warming, a looming refugee crisis, the need for young people to demand a place amid an aging population, the desperate struggle to preserve species and all the rest… even the notion of a micro-black hole as an ultimate “environmental threat”… none of these originated with Earth .

I think that description will need updating, as one of the main characters digitally colorizes, adds actors and changes films for a living.

I read this as “Butt CGI” at first. I’m just relieved to be wrong, more than anything.