You'll never be as happy as these Farming Simulator 19 fans

You’ll never be as happy as these Farming Simulator 19 fans John Deere equipment is finally coming to Farming Simulator. While you were drooling over E3 fodder like Ellie’s kiss in The Last of Us 2, Smash getting Ridley, or Fallout 76 dropping nukes in West Virginia, fans of the Giants Software Farming Simulator games were going nuts for a green and yellow tractor. John Deere’s iconic line of tractors will be in Farming Simulator 19, marking the first time the brand has officially joined the stable (pun intended) of machines in the series. Farming Simulator 19 is still on track for a late 2018 release.

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I’m not one of those people who play these mundanity sims for the love of the vehicles, but even so, this might persuade me to jump back in to Farming Simulator. I haven’t touched it since 15.


“I’m literally crapping my pants right now.”

John Smear.


This reminds me of the cross country trips my grandfather always took my cousins and me on during summer. We always drove because he wouldn’t fly, and we saw some great sights that way, but some of that travel was just booooooring.

So we’d make up games, doing various stuff like tugging a phantom cord at passing 18 wheelers to try to get them to blow their horn at us. But my cousin only cared for Peterbilts, those were the only trucks he had eyes for. Never could find out why, but sometimes I would yank his chain by saying something like “Kenworths rule!” and then we’d fight and the grandparents would break it up and seat us as far from each other as possible. Good times!


Allis-Chalmers FTW!

I know zip about tractors (and even less about farm equipment in general), but my grandfather was a farmer, and he had an ancient Allis-Chalmers tractor in a shed. He wouldn’t use it in the fields (I think he used much larger tractors in the field), but every now and then he’d fire it up and let us kids drive it around their massive yard. Good times indeed.

Anyway, I’ve never played one of these games (er, sims), though I am a bit intrigued at how well farming would translate to a computer sim. I may need to watch a video.


If I remember correctly, I think @Knightsaber is a big fan of these farming sims. Maybe if we ask real nice he’ll explain them to us.


folds arms


For me it’s a similar zen thing to ETS/ATS in the moment to moment gameplay, but with a more tangible sense of progression and a slightly more elaborate economy. In both cases I wish the management side was more robust, but they’re still great podcast games.


November 20 release.


As someone who once rode a John Deere tractor as part of my chores growing up, this seems weird to me.

Like, i feel i could pull a Tom Sawyer and get these guys to trade their toys to me for the right to paint my fence.


ETS 2 got kind of repetitive after you saw everything (I mean, the same few overpasses re-used over and over, and lackluster urban areas), so a greater sense of progression would have been nice.

On the other hand, TDU 2 had more variety of road surfaces, cities, etc. but felt too game-y. (There were no consequences to crashing IIRC, and the meta game was also a kind of a douchebag simulator.)


Quill18 has been streaming some Farming Simulator 17. Turns out there are some really well done mods out there that address several of my main issues with 15, including one which greatly improves worker pathing. Hopefully they carry over to 19. If so, I’ll definitely be picking it up.


Only one more month!


Quill18 Let’s Play


Impressive. The game seems very polished and comprehensive.


Between having skipped the last one and just learned about the modding scene, I’m stupidly excited for this release.