Your favorite game and why you think it got canceled/died


If you took the original Tribes, and just reskinned it, and pushed it as an E-sport, it would be huge. If I had the money, I’d do it.


Dreamland: Chronicles for me. Was supposed to be a spiritual sequel to X-COM by the Gallops. My all time most anticipated game, got cancelled.

Someone mentioned Sir Tech. Man, great memories. Another great studio that went out of business that made some of my all time favorite games: the original Battlefront games, Mercenaries, many others. Speaking of which, they were also developing Battlefront 3, which looked great and got cancelled.

Wait also XCOM: Alliance! First person squad shooter way ahead of it’s time.


Two builds of Alliance surfaced on a Beta archive forum a few years ago, each offering a snapshot of the game during its time at MicroProse’s Chapel Hill studio. It’s sad that after seven years of development, the game, never saw the light of day, as it was such an ambitious project, and way cooler looking than Enforcer. There’s something about the look of the original Unreal Engine 1-powered games that I still love.

Hired Guns was another really cool looking 3D imagining of a tactics title, also running on Unreal, that was never released, though, unlike Alliance, it was actually finished (the full game’s available online and is pretty easy to get running on modern hardware) but couldn’t secure a publisher once Psygnosis dropped the title and pulled out of the PC market altogether.


Man, the publisher thing is unbelievable. That was the market gatekeeper that killed so many games? Today it seems much easier, like it’s flipped. The release and distribution is easy, now it’s funding for game development that’s the hurdle.


The Warlords TBS series - the final installment - Warlords 4 - was rushed out by the publisher in a terrible state, and that pretty much killed the series.

You can’t even find Warlords 1, 2, 3 (RoH or DLR), or 4 to buy online anywhere, its so dead ;(

Which is a shame, as its one of the all time great strategy series, with a lot of advanced features ahead of its time, and a challenging AI.


Warlords 3: Darklords Rising so such a great stack of doom builder, but has never reached GOG! I heard it was a nightmare to get working on modern PCs, even with DOSbox.

One of my favorite games from the late 90s.


OMG I am so with you there. I did get it running recently though, thanks to this handy guide.

Worked like a champ. Still so fun to play today too.


I will definitely check that out later. I tried and failed to get it running about 6 years ago (on Vista or Win7, one of the two) and had to give up.

There was also a request thread on GOG for the game a few years ago, but so far it has come to nothing.


Good God Warlords was good. So many great features. Were they the first series to do the “search in ruins” on the overland map? I still remember most of the unit icons, like the dwarf warriors and spiders.


Warlords 1 was one of my first, and favorite PC games. It had the story building experience that I crave in games. I still remember a game where the AI was steamrolling me and had taken out my capital forcing me to flee to my last remaining city. It took a while but my tattered refugees were able to come back and win and I remember retaking my capital was such sweet revenge. Think I was playing as the giant race. The fact that I remember that much detail from a game I played so long ago… I can hear the battle sound effects (beep, beep, beeeeep) even now.


Holy Crap! I was literally holding the install CD in my hand 12 hours ago, looking down forlornly as I “knew” it wouldn’t work.

I know what I’m doing tonight :)

Now only if the warlorders site/the warlords ladder site was still active. Miss my old 8-way multiplayer games!


Well - I’m afraid the method in the article (install on 32 bit system, copy files to your machine, fudge the registry, etc) wasn’t doable for me in my pure 64 bit household.

So… here’s an alternate method

  1. Install Virtualbox -
  2. Download this VM with W3:DLR installed -
  3. Play the game on the VM :)


a lot of people loved Ultima Online, but that was before anyone understood MMOs


Designer Nathan Cheever (Wizards & Warriors, NOLF 2, Mafia 3) released some of his design materials from Human Head’s cancelled Prey 2 game on his blog, revealing some previously never-before-seen maps and story details from the project.

One of my favorite little touches was the player’s home base being modeled after Deckard’s apartment in Blade Runner.

There’s also a brief glimpse of the War Sphere (it was mentioned in a Eurogamer’s feature last year) with some scratch audiolog by a team member.


That was one of the best games of all time.


that was a fun watch thanks for that


Mech Lords (another Simtex vapoware)


Wow, I just ran across a sealed boxed copy of Hired Guns on eBay.
Price is a bit high however. :(


Whoa, sealed, that’s crazy. My brother and I used to play Hired Guns co-op with two mice, each controlling two characters. That was a rare experience and so much more fluid and fun exploring and fighting together. How many games did FPS single-screen co-op back in 1993? I don’t think I’ve ever used two mice on one computer since actually…


Fallout 3 (aka Van Buren).

Died from an acute case of Interplay.