Your favourite tech for 2009

I just saw the awesome and wondered what was the cool tech you are looking forward to this year?

Well… I hope siftables come in 2009 and are cheap enough to pick up a few. I want to geekify my future child!

Re: Siftables… kinda neat, but of their examples, only the Boggle game thing is actually something where it seems like you’re really benefiting from the physical interaction model (and then only in a geez-whiz-Wii-ish way). The other example applications they showed, such as the pouring paint in cans stuff, was just kind of retarded, IMO, because it is something even a complete technophobe could learn to do as easily and WAY more efficiently using a standard color picker UI via mouse.

I get that the idea of it is about simulating physical processes in the hopes of making things easier for the non-techies, but I just think for a lot of their sample applications that goal is going to become increasingly irrelevant because, as one example, future kids who are in developed enough areas of the world where this stuff is at all relevant are going to be in their pirated copies of Photoshop setting colors in raw hex codes before they ever use a real world paint can.

Making big tablet multitouch devices like Microsoft Surface mass market and more indestructable is way more interesting to me than those siftables so if they make good progress on that in 2009, that’d be my vote for favorite tech, but I doubt anything will start really happening with those until 2011 or later.

It’s not really 2009 tech, but it’s pretty cool for me. I’m getting a Flip Minio in a few days. I never lug around my big camcorder, so I’m hoping a slim, pocket sized one will do the trick. Just got back from vacation with my sister’s family and they used it everywhere.

The Flip Mino is awesome. I’ve had one for about 10 months. It’s tiny, and the video quality is great for the typical family/friends stuff most folks want to record. I’m just jealous because my sister recently picked up the HD Flip Mino. I can’t justify the cost as an upgrade, but it makes the camera even more attractive.

Why does siftables kind of remind me of this except juiced way up:

I’m interested to see if these Nvidia Ion Netbooks live up to the hype. Smooth 1080p output from a Mini 9? That would be pretty sweet.