Your Gaming Desk

I want to upgrade my desk. It is becoming a lot harder than I expected. I am looking for

  1. Something minimalistic, no drawers, sides or back
  2. A way to keep my case off the floor (shelf?)
  3. No keyboard tray as I want my large mouse pad and keyboard at the same level
  4. No gaming desk with mouse pad tops, LEDS, cup holder, headset hangers etc
  5. Well built and sturdy
  6. I have a Asus Rog Swift PG349Q monitor. Great monitor but has stupid legs, quite wide. Will I need a shelf at the back?
  7. What width is the minimum a guy could get away with? I am thinking 48 inches (maybe less)
  8. What would be the minimum depth recommended. I am thinking 24 inches.
  9. All that would be on the top is monitor, keyboard, mousepad, yeti microphone and my internet box

What is everybody using? You liking it? Is there something extra you have now that you couldn’t do without?

Enquiring minds what to know :)

I think someone else here gave me the idea, but I bought one of these glass monitor stands and put my tower PC on it on the floor. It looks nice and keeps the PC off the carpet.

I wish IKEA still made JERKER desks:


I just got a Fully Jarvis adjustable height desk and I love it. It has an optional CPU holder.

A few notes: I never got under it and straightened out the cords. :|

The small black tab near the right-front raises and lowers it… It’s very easy to sit w/chair or raise it and stand. If you want to stand, get a mat to stand on (kind of like the one I have there). IMO, it was a great investment. My wife has one, too. She works from home and hasn’t sat down to do her work in 3+ years.

Custom solid wood piece I got from etsy. It was not cheap, but i was tired of leaving behind cheap often breaking down furniture.

They’re cheaper if you don’t do the L shape.

pic is before it was shipped to me.

Wooden door, two filing cabinets. Everyone in my family is shorter than me so they have to use stools of varying heights (or sit on the couch with a laptop.)

excuse me?

They’re awesome and modular.

This is the one I got a couple of years ago from Nebraska Furniture mart. Lots of room for monitors on the top. Didn’t bother putting the front piece on the keyboard drawer, that would have interfered with typing.

I wanted to get a second 27" display and I like having my primary display center on the desk, so I picked up a nice, sturdy, wide desk with a lot of depth for me to rest my elbows while I type/use the keyboard. I really like it a lot.

Love the look of that.

I have a used danish teak desk that has a few scratches that you wouldn’t notice but took it out of the expensive range into the couple hundred dollar range.

Nice! I’d pick up another one for a couple hundred for another room. I gotta feeling this one is going to last for some time to come.

I’ve been using an Ikea BEKANT desk for four years and love the shit out of it. Still looks as good as the day I bought it…

I have an old school metal office desk like this one:

Except mine is green and has wooden legs and drawer handles. It only cost me $50 from an antique store, though hiring someone to carry it out of my apartment will probably cost as much. (It weighs a shitload!)

My monitors are attached via swing arms which I recommend to anyone. I can fit more stuff under and around them this way.

Awesome, getting good ideas. Keep them coming!

I ended up converting this:

Into this:

The idea was to convert the essentially wasted floor space of the bar into a work area I could relocate my gear to and be a bit more minimalist - ditched multi monitor setup, more out-of-site storage, cable management and a generally cleaner workspace. Downside is it was obviously completely custom (Ikea cabinetry aside), though I did do it myself.

Side bonus has been a huge monitor in our main living area for the kids to play PC games on, freeing up the TV for simultaneous use rather than Steamlinking.

I just bought this:

(There is probably a US-equivalent site for this desk)

I am putting it together now, will post pics and impressions when it’s put together, but so far it looks great and fits many of the preferences that you listed. Plus it can be a standing desk!

I have a question to those of you with height adjustable desks – does your monitor wobble at all when you type?

I have a few friends with these height adjustable desks and when I test drive them there always seems to a little bit of monitor wobble when typing. It’s subtle but it was enough to be annoying.

Have other folks noticed there? Or are there quality brands out there that don’t have this? Or can one do-it-yourself and attach some kind of cross support that eliminates the problem?

I’m going to pimp a little bit and say you if you’re interested in a sit/stand, they are decently easy to build yourself if you can find the top you like / know how to join smaller pieces into larger tables.

I built this last year. I can make any size you want. Can create a mount for a desktop to ride up with it, add anything really. Also can do some nice looking slabs so it’s not a plastic covered piece of MDF board.

Pricewise, it depends upon the species and overall length / width. The picture below is oregon black walnut. It’s pretty spendy. That slab raw runs about $500-$700 depending and then you add the mechanism ($250-$400) and that’s on the expensive side. Joint your own wood and it could be much more economical.

I went into the “clearance” section of my local Ikea and grabbed a corner desk top (just the top), sort of like the top of the Ikea corner desk linked above. I paid way less for it then if it was out of the warehouse, but the thing was perfect. Then I grabbed four desk legs that they sell separately, and drilled some holes and bam, perfectly good desk. The legs I got are extendable to whatever height you want (maybe these ones? and initally I used it as a standing desk (by combining extended legs with bed risers). But eventually I let it back down and now it’s a normal desk. I’ve had it for like 10 years now and it’s just like it’s ever been.

I think it may have been the Bekant desk since it’s L shaped and looks about the same, but I think I only paid like $60-80 for the top piece (it didn’t come with legs).