Your Ideal Licensed Game

the first one I sculpted (forgot ears! doh! part of his charm now)

on retrospect, maybe I should have started another thread and linked to it from here…

never ask me to show you my zombies, is the lesson here folks…

Be glad I spared you the movie and the makeups + prosthetics / props / severed heads.

hell, this is my joystiq avatar:

That’s actually pretty goddamn neat, and I’m not into zombies.

Moore is my new idol.

Oh my. I would be all over this! Of course, a Bioshock style game of Rifts would work too. Imagine a FPS/RPG hybrid that actually allowed you to go through the portals into completely different dimensions. You go visit the world of dragons and then the world of mecha and then a world like ours…all along, there are riftwalkers and juicers and all of it. That would rock so hard.




Wow, those are fantastic.

That was my answer. I want a new X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter with a dynamic campaign system.

Haha! That is SO my new desktop.

This needs to be made. After that, a Forgotten Realms MMO.

Thanks for the kind words on the zombies!

I think the privateer series would really have legs if someone did some tweaks and made a deep, gorgeous multiplayer title.

My ideal game would probably be a battletech universe game that integrates aerospace/mechs/conventional vehicles. Jump into a system, have the pilots clear the way to the planet. Drop the mechs and have the pilots cover them while dropping and then commence with the ground assault.

Would probably work best as a multiplayer title of some sort.

Wow, I just found myself wondering why instead of transforming from a jet to a helicopter, Warhawk doesn’t let you transform from a jet into a giant robot, and then I got sad.

I can’t pass this one up.

A Mary-Kate & Ashly zombie game, where you were controlling the zombies and MK&A were the NPCs you were trying to kill.

I bet Moore could make a model that would simulate that. Get on it, Moore!

And does anyone else think that at least one of Moore’s zombies could be a self-portrait? Like in a Picasso sense.

BTW, with the exception of the joke suggestions, I’d love if all these games were made.

Throw in McCauly Culkin, Will Wheaton and Edward Furlong and you have a sale. I guess what I’m saying is, zombies vs child stars. Or aliens vs child stars.

This one is, but it’s a full size head cast from my own.

This thread delivers…


Moore is my new hero. Sorry, Flowers!

Paranoia RPG. Aw yeah.

Third person unrealistically allows you to see around corners (among other things) that two eyes can’t see in real life.

Now that doesn’t mean that third person should never be included, but it’s an argument against it being in every game.