Your window to buy a PS Vita is closing

			    Your window to buy a PS Vita is closing

Nick Diamon, March 4, 2019
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Sony has officially signaled the end of production for the PS Vita handheld console. The company has cancelled the two remaining PS Vita models on the product page, ending the manufacturing run. Pour one out for the little battery eater.
The Sony PS Vita launched in 2011 and despite strong initial sales, never cemented the case for handheld gaming outside of smartphone apps or Nintendo’s offerings. Sony has no plans for a follow-up handheld.


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Shame, it’s such a great little machine. Ah well, hopefully someone can turn it into the emulation powerhouse it was meant to be (post firmware 3.60 of course).


When are they shutting down access to the PS Store?


Probably not for a long time. They only closed the PS Store for PSP last year.


The security on Vita was fully broken about a week ago (and my understanding, without much research is this was already doable up to 3.68). Just a matter of time.


Ohhhhh, good to know. Thanks!


I can’t find a good layman’s source right now, but the hardware encryption keys were extracted, so the system is now fully “owned”, as it were. The guy who did it has a really interesting technical write up here:

Basically, hacking was already possible, but this basically means the hardware is fully open regardless of any future security updates.

RIP to a great little piece of hardware, though.


Wow, that is way over my head, but what I hope that means is that, eventually, we’ll be able to put emulators on the thing.


Already available…

SNES, Genesis, NES etc



Those read like stereo instructions. Ugh…

Thank you though.


Says the guy who reads giant video game manuals from the 90s!

Edit: Oops, didn’t realize it’s been 2 days since your post. lol


Hah, if it makes sense to you, great. I read that stuff and shut down.