Zoning Meetings Gone Wild!


I feel a strange combination of amusement, joy and disgust.

People really need to get over the radiation bogeyman.

They just need to sell the idea with a catchy tune.

“They say those things are awfully loud…”

“It hums as softly as a cloud!”

“Is it true it might melt down?”

“Not so! It just goes round and round!”

(Cyclotron… Cyclotron…)

If they aren’t properly shielded expect nearby computers to crash. I speak from experience.

I once attended a three hour zoning board meeting to decide if a person should be allowed a coop for racing pigeons. I can’t imagine how long a meeting about a cyclotron would take. Insert half-life joke here.

Did you know pigeons have to lower their legs to poop, so they can’t poop in flight?