Zune - RIP

Not surprising.

I’ll be looking forward to the fire sale!

Too bad, I really love my 80gb Zune. Might pick up a Zune HD if I find one at a decent price.

And none too zune!

Glad I didn’t buy one last year whem I had to replace my ipod.

Man, what I would have given for a 160GB Zune before it died. I don’t think anyone’s ever going to hit that size except the iPod Classic, which is still hilariously overpriced. My burning hatred for multifunction MP3 players even turned against the Zune with its bizarro, size-reduced, virtually app-less Zune HD line :(

Yeah, commodity hardware wasn’t a market that it makes sense for Microsoft to be in, and having an iPod Touch competitor that wasn’t running WP7 was just silly and confusing.

Still and all, this ends up being one of those moves that makes sense, but still ends up making Microsoft seem less credible overall. So that’s PlaysForSure, Zune, Kin, Windows Mobile, and Windows Media Center that are all dead platforms. Well, I’m certainly putting a lot of time into looking at mobile/media platforms from Microsoft from here on out!

Ugh. The newer Zunes got great reviews, and MS shouldn’t just give up the ghost. Plenty of people want flash mp3 players that aren’t phones. This sucks; I was looking forward to improvements in the interface and software. Already beats the hell out of iTunes.

Wait, Windows Media Center is a dead platform?

I really, really hate the Zune software. It’s marginally better than iTunes in my eyes, but it still has an atrocious interface (which, unfortunately, tends to partially carry over to the hardware itself).

Yes. It hasn’t been officially killed yet, but it’s just a matter of time.

Well fuck. There goes all my work in mastering it. . . looks like I’ll have to learn this XBLNA-whatever shiznit or actually set up a for-reals media server

Eh I’ll buy another Zune when they get clearance. It’s not like I have a need to update my mp3 player every year so I’ll be fine with some older tech.

I’m still using my first-gen poop brown Zune. I hope it doesn’t die of a broken heart, now. Maybe they will make something like the Touch but running WP7, as I really need my ZunePass.

This is hilariously ancient news. :)

In before Allard.

Well, if 3 days old is “hilariously ancient”.

What are they going to rename the Zune marketplace now?

I figured this was going to happen, as there was no mention of a Zune 2 HD.

Damn. I love my Zune. The only upside is that if they are going to focus on the software and keep the ZunePass subscription around, hopefully it means they’ll open up the Zune Software to sync with other devices natively. While I use my Zune for more serious listening, I also like keeping some music on my phone for the odd occasion and hate that I can’t use the Zune software to just sync music to the phone.

If memory serves, Jeffd worked on the Zune team at one point. This was not surprising to me either, I’d heard the rumors internally for…a long time.