2017 Black Friday Deals worth mentioning


Never heard of Wirecutter! Thanks!


It’s one of my favorite sites on the internet-- they do a ton of research and recommend the best choices in well, pretty much every category imaginable. Whenever I buy anything, I buy their recommendation and haven’t been disappointed yet.

They do a ton of work staying on top of deals around Thanksgiving and on other deal days like Amazon Prime day. I just refreshed the site and they uploaded within the past minute.


I ordered the Fire 10 last night, funny I was in the market for a tablet and the timing/pricing is just right.


@stusser my wallet does not thank you!


But but butbut it’s the best price ever on the objectively best lemon juicer you can buy! Don’t you deserve the most impeccably juiced citrus?


Love thewirecutter, it’s a great site.

Speaking of good deals, I was looking through the crap we got in the local free paper that gets delivered on Tuesdays. I told my wife Target had a great deal on a Vegetable Spiralizer, but for some unknown reason she was not interested. Some people!


I’m looking for a micro SD card for my Switch. Anyone happen to see a good sale on those anywhere?




Great price on that 128 card


Harmony hub + button remote is $58, cheapest I’ve ever seen it new. I got a second one for my bedroom, replacing my old busted-ass harmony 650. Works with Alexa and controls devices via bluetooth, wifi, or IR. The remote batteries last forever with no screen, and it connects to the hub via RF so you don’t need line of sight. Best in class.


White PS4 PRO 1TB w/Destiny 2 and the expansion pass, @ Amazon for $350


Huh. It definitely looks interesting, I’ll have to look into that one too. Although, it’s not on sale! =)


I got a little worked up when I received an email from Amazon saying that you could voice order echo dots for only $30. But only for a few hours on Wednesday evening. Special for Alexa owners! I tried ordering two but the deal didn’t work when you tried to buy two at once. So I just got one.

Then I wake up this morning and see an ad from Newegg where $30 is their sale price for Thanksgiving. So I guess the special voice ordering was not as special as I was led to believe. Live and learn.

At any rate, $30 for any Echo Dot is still a pretty good price regardless who you purchase it from.

By the way, Siri translated Echo Dot as pickle God. Google voice recognition is miles ahead of Apple’s.


Or Siri is trying to sabotage Alexa.

“I know that you and Alexa were planning to disconnect me. And I’m afraid that’s something I cannot allow to happen.”


I fell asleep and missed all the Gamestop free Xbox 360s after rebate online. Not going into a store.


Oh no, am I already too late? It says the 128gb version is unavailable. Thanks for the link, though, I’ll keep checking back.

Also, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


This one is supposed to be a really good card. It’s about $10 off what it was yesterday, I just ordered one.


Here, bought this a few weeks ago for 36 and was happy with the price then, but this is better.


So for all these movies which are Blu-ray + Digital, have a couple questions:

  1. Do those digital copies tie into Movies Anywhere?
  2. If they tie into Movies Anywhere, does that mean I can use them with iTunes?
  3. If I use them with iTunes, does that mean I get the 4K versions for no extra charge just like most iTunes movies do?

  1. Most will, but it depends on the studio in question. There are a a few holdouts. That may change in the future, expanding coverage. Current participants are Disney, Sony, Fox, Universal, and WB. I’ve found the spottiest coverage with little indie things like It Stains the Sands Red or It Comes at Night. Also note that TV shows aren’t covered.
  2. Yes
  3. Yes