2017 Horror Roundup Thread


Shockingly, Flatliners is a gigantic donut for 32 at Rotten Tomatoes.

By “shockingly”, I mean “I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise”.

How do I make Tom watch and review this again (too lazy to open Patreon in another tab right now)?



Ok so I am totally watching Creep this weekend.


Yay for Creep sequel!


This might be fun: The Ritual. Opened in the UK last week. Seems to be a bit Blair Witchy without the boring found footage conceit. No idea when it’s coming to the US…probably never, but hopefully streaming soon.


Hoo boy. Cross The Bad Batch off your Halloween watching list. What a stinker…bad enough that I’m moved to rethink how much I liked A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. How Suki Waterhouse wasn’t immediately fired after the first dailies came in is beyond me, and then of course the borderline-offensive accent that Jason Momoa affects. Yeesh.

Hopefully Amirpour is moving on quickly to Film #3 with a mildly embarrassed cough.


Was it ever sold as a horror movie? It certainly isn’t one. Unfortunately it’s also not the wild gonzo Mad-Max-with-cannibals tale I was pitched, much more of an arthouse thing despite the premise. I don’t know if I would have liked it better if I’d had appropriate expectations.


Oh man, I couldn’t disagree more. She pulled off that vacant burned-out apocalypse survivor, a la Mad Max, way more credibly than most actresses her age could even dream of. Without her in the lead, Bad Batch would have been pretty insufferable. Instead, it’s a fascinating mess with a really promising young actress in the lead. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

It’s a real jolt to come into Bad Batch not knowing it’s about a girl who’s been partially eaten by cannibals.



Unfortunately, that was the part I knew about. The weird slow pace and relative lack of plot, not so much.


I watched Gerald’s Game. I love King, but his screen adaptations are a mixed bag. This has gotten good reviews and the performances by Greenwood and Gugino were excellent. I simply didn’t like the movie.

I thought I had read the book, but I got it confused with another King book. I can’t put my finger on exactly what I disliked, but maybe the story wasn’t interesting. The screenplay did a good job of conveying the horrors of the situation and her agony. The situations presented worked. Maybe I got bored with it. Maybe I was not in the mood.

I should have liked it, but didn’t. It always confounds me when that happens and I want to figure it out. Usually I do not.


I thought it was 70% a good film, but the coda was hot garbage and kind of ruined everything that went before it. Spoilers:


The whole crypt killer sideplot should have been cut, frankly. And then that godawful voiceover, carefully making sure you didn’t miss any of the oh so subtle metaphors. Christ, have just a little faith in your audience.

Gerald's Game - Netflix, Stephen King's bedroom kink ends badly

Yeah, King seems to do nutty things like that often and he makes it work because he has the increased word count to win you over. It got in the way here.


Watched 1922 on Netflix. Had a good time with it. Thomas Jane really did a good job.


Big thumbs up for Creep 2 which not only manages to surpass the original but also includes the future hit single Sara Loves Her Juicy Fruit


I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned in here yet, but both RAW and A Dark Song are on Netflix streaming now. Both super interesting movies.


Jesus, just finished watching Better Watch Out.

It’s like the filmmakers thought: let’s do a mash-up of Funny Games and Home Alone, but with all of the intelligence and wit stripped out of the first, and all of the comedy removed from the second. Just a tonal nightmare of a piece. Skip it.


It Comes at Night is now on Amazon Prime. Still my favorite film of the year edging out Get Out, ICaN is never going to have the more broad appeal and I blame a bit of that on the misleading marketing. I found it the most human and gut wrenching movie I have seen in a long time. As I have told everyone, avoid reviews and trailers and just watch it. Do not play on your iPad or keep pausing to do chores. I have also said, I don’t know that I can fully recommend it for all of my friends, family and acquaintances, but I do wish everyone would watch it.


Ha ha, you saw Better Watch Out. The main kid was so awful, wasn’t he?

You have seen The Babysitter, right? That’s the better version of Better Watch Out.



I watched Personal Shopper last night. I am not sure I have ever watched a Kristen Stewart movie. I certainly do not remember ever enjoying one. I enjoyed this, but cannot really put my finger on why yet. Needs more mulling.


It’s definitely a film to mull on. It’s flawed as hell, and doesn’t seem to have much interest in answering any of the questions it poses, but I was engrossed throughout. Much more successful than the conceptually rather similar Clouds of Sils Maria.