2018 Horror Roundup Thread


Holy crap, there’s an American remake of Inside? That movie was messed up, but sounds like the American version pulls its punches which I guess it would have to do. But then you have to wonder, as this reviewer did, why bother remaking it?


I’ve not heard of Inside before but… I don’t think I’d be able to handle it. There’s a line somewhere with these thrillers/horrors that I’m afraid to approach. The worst I’ve watched is probably The Loved Ones and that was kind of funny and I didn’t really know what I was in for when we started watching it. Great film though. We nearly started watching Martyrs but I got wind of its reputation and… backed away.

Edit: huh, at the bottom of that article:


That thumbnail. Yeah, no.


Martyrs is another great example of an intense French horror movie that got a watered-down American remake. I liked Martyrs better than Inside personally, though both are very difficult movies to watch, in my opinion. Or maybe I’m just a wimp.


Not a wimp, Martyrs is a tough ride. I thought the US remake was horrible. I’d put Martyrs in the same category as Killing Ground: a movie whose nihilistic message and craftsmanship I admired but that I would never recommend to someone I liked and would never watch again.


You guys are making we want to watch Martyrs and Inside now just to see what the fuss is about.


I would recommend them, they’re good movies. Just not very pleasant movies that, like abidingdude says, I don’t particularly want to see again.

I would distinguish movies like those from something like a Human Centipede which is not pleasant and I wouldn’t recommend anyone actually watch and kind of wish I could unwatch. Even though it’s far less graphic.


Added The Lodgers and Behind the Walls to the list. Also, link to Tom’s Best Thing You’ll See All Week for Mom & Dad. Can’t wait to see it.


Wow, I know nothing about this movie “Hereditary” which just got a showing at Sundance but after reading this review I really want to see it -



Also, this garbage.


Looks like another contractually-obligated ultra-low-budget quickie. How long since the last even minimally-decent Hellraiser movie?


Minimally entertaining? Probably the third one, think that’s the one with Jadzia Dax? Anyway that trailer is so crap. They’ve got the look of Pinhead but the voice is just all wrong. You can’t beat the original’s voice. I like that Ghost Stories trailer though, or at least I like Martin Freeman.


EDIT: Bah - Late @divedivedive beat me by days.




OK, so I’m intrigued, but as I guess you’d say a student of zombie mythology, I’m not sure I totally follow what’s going on here. These people were zombies, but they got better? And now they’re not trusted, so they fall back on what they knew and … bad things happen? I mean, I get the allegory and I’m intrigued enough to put this on my “want to see” list, but still … curing zombies? Doesn’t that mean curing death?


I think in this case the “zombie” part of it is very loose and more like the way 28 Days Later or something handled it. A virus that makes you nutty aggressive and cannibalistic, but not actually undead.


Yeah, that thought occurred to me, a moment too late. In the style of zombie movies, not actual zombies, probably. Still looks interesting.



Caught Open House on Netflix. It was solid until the last third. Not sure what happened there? They decided to just give it the worst (just poorly done) ending imaginable, I suppose.


The Unsane trailer has dropped:

American Claire Foy is fucking with my brain hard core. I didn’t recognize Juno Temple at first.