2019 Horror Movie Roundup

3 From Hell () - Zombiefilm Sequel to The Devil’s Rejects.

47 Meters Down (who cares) - this time it’s real. Maybe?

Annabelle 3 - Wilson and Farmiga return for this Insidious sequel.

Brightburn (5.24) - What if Superman, except not good. Classifying this as a supers movie is thin but I need to so I can declare 2019 as the breakout year for super hero horror movies.

Captive State (3.29) - set 10 years after an alien force occupies Earth, about the conflict between rebels and collaborators. And probably also aliens.

The Curse of La Llorona (4.19) Linda Cardinelli and Raymond Cruz star in this non-Blumhouse made Blumhouse movie about a ghost from Mexican folklore that eats kids and stuff.

Doom (5.17) - apparently Universal needs to extend their rights to the Doom franchise. Also, this stars Costas Mandylor’s brother. What a world we live in.

Eli (1.04) - Kelly Reilly, Lili Taylor, Max Martini, and Sadie Sink of stranger things battle January. And lose.

Escape Room (1.04)- January dump fodder is such a waste of Deborah Ann Woll.

Glass (1.18) - on the list entirely because it fits the theme, not because it looks like an actual horror movie. Also, is Shyamalan some sort of January kryptonite?

The Grudge (who cares) - I was going to say “why wouldn’t they remake the superior Ring film?” then I remembered they did. So, yeah, we’re in the “fuck it let’s try remaking all the Japanese and Korean horror films we already remade as English language films” portion of [reality]. Featuring Andrea Risenborough and Lin Shaye and some other people as well.

Happy Death Day 2U (2.14) - a sequel to the ?surprise hit? of 2017 (that I still need to see), with the main returning. The 2 in the title means “too” and also “it’s a sequel”. Clever.

In the Tall Grass () - Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice) directs, based on a short story by Stephen King and Joe Hill. Patrick Wilson to star.

In Search of Darkness - Kickstarted horror documentary (which raised a hair under 100k Brexit Bucks) about 80s horror movies. They’ve got a bunch of interviews lined up with the likes of Adrienne Barbeau and Barbara Crampton. Might be interesting.

It Chapter 2 (9.06) - Our heroes negotiated the perils of the first movie while avoiding the worst gang bang in human history. Anything positive they do in this movie - as adults drawn back to Derry when It reawakens - is just gravy.

Jacob’s Ladder (2.01) - Jesse Williams and Michael Ealy star in this remake of the cult classic. This could be good, but I recommend people watch “They Look Like People”.

Midsommar () - Ari Aster, who directed 2018’s Hereditary, directs this movie I know barely anything about (road trip gone awry). Will Poulter, Jack Reynor, and Florence Pugh are set to star.

The New Mutants (8.2) - After getting its release delayed at least they didn’t dump it in January I guess? OTOH without the delay I couldn’t type the following sentence: The New Mutants is part of 2019’s super hero horror movie breakout.

Pet Semetary (4.19) - Remake of the movie based on the book staring Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz, from the dudes who brought you 2014’s Starry Eyes.

Piercing (2.01) - The eternal question remains: is an early Feb release really a stealth january dump? Mia Wasikowska stars in this movie about a guy who appears to want to be some sort of serial killer. Hijinks and maybe some body horror ensue.

Pledge (VOD Jan) - Fraternity pledge indie horror.

The Prodigy (2.08) - Taylor Schilling is set to star in this movie about a creepy kid. From the director of “The Pact”, which @triggercut and I were not especially fond of (tgere’s a front page thingy somewhere).

Rust Creek (VOD Jan) - indie backwoods abduction/horror with a possible twist: maybe not all of the backwoodsians are bad. Or are they?

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (8.09?) - Guillermo Del Toro helped write and is also producing this adaptation, which is based on a popular kids book series. I’m not sure this is an anthology though. The legendary Dean Norris features.

The Turning (3.14) - The latest "The Taming of the Shrew" adaptation features MacKenzie Davis and Finn Wolfhard. And is directed by the gal who directed "The Runaways".

Us - (3.15) - Jordan Peele writes and directs, Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong’o star.

Wounds (aka Transgression) (3.29) - Bartender picks up a phone left at his bar, things get weird. From Babak Anvari (Under the Shadows), featuring Arnie Hammer and Dakota Johnson.

Zombieland 2 (10.11) - This is a long time to wait to go home again, but I will hope this turns out good. The underrated Zoey Deutch is also set to appear.

Yes, 2019 is officially the year of the Super Hero Horror Movie. Everyone suck it.

I’m still getting the list together, obviously suggestions are welcome. I imagine many will be excited about It 2 and Us. There are a bunch of remake projects still sort of kicking around but apparently not gaining traction (a small mercy?). Occasionally a remake is a reasonable thing, which has me curious about Pet Semetary (it seems sort of miraculous this hasn’t been remade before).

Here’s to what is hopefully another good horror year.

Also, shit, @stusser can you move this to movies?

Annabelle is actually a spinoff of the Conjuring franchise, I think. Not that I have any interest in following either franchise past their initial movies.

And Ju-On: The Grudge is imo the most effective J-horror I have ever seen. The original remake, not so much. If they’re remaking it again that’s just baffling to me.

The teaser looks really poor. Not sure even Riseborough can save this one.

Interested in Pet Semetary and Curse of La Llorona…but mostly I’m pretty cynical about new horror. I’m getting tired of Blum-y ghost stories.

Some indie horror that I’ve got on my radar.

Rust Creek
Also, Babek Anvari’s next movie “Transgression” is due this year. No trailer yet, but I’m excited. “Under The Shadow” was terrific.

Also, the Devil’s Rejects is so good and so doesn’t need a sequel.


This space intentionally left blank.

I was thinking the Grudge came out not too long ago but I guess it was 2004. I’m getting old.

Annabelle is part of the Conjuring universe. As I mentioned in the thread for The Conjuring, it’s amazing that out of all the studio efforts, the most successful cinematic universe after Marvel’s is the one Blumhouse stumbled into.

@peacedog Thanks for doing this. It is really helpful to have a list like this when I’m in the mood to watch a horror movie. The only thing that would make it better is if the list above got updated with the communites impressions of the movies. Maybe just a thumbs up for “worth your time to watch” or a thumbs down for “not worth your time” sort of thing, but that would be a pain to maintain and update.

I always link to separate discussion threads if they take place, but they don’t always. I have been contemplating doing something like you suggested even if it’s just “X and Y like it!”.

Apparently going to be known as “Wounds” in the US.

Rust Creek looks intriguing IMO.

what would be awesome but I’m sure not possible in discourse is to have a little thumbs up/down icon next to each entry in the list above and a user could just click on one to cast there vote after they watch it. Like you can do in Discord.

They keep getting worse and worse and taking more and more money. The first Annabelle was not great, but had some nice creepy moments (BO: $257m). The second Annabelle movie was pretty bad (BO: $306m) The Nun was just laughably awful…contender for worst of the year (BO: $365m)

America, you never fail to disappoint.

Yes, and unfortunately, the money they’re making over the production budgets is why the Blumhouse style is so popular now. Horror has always been an easy studio sell because the risk is low relative to the profit they usually make, but Blumhouse has made it so fun gore effects or actual scares aren’t even necessary.

It’s sad because I thought The Conjuring was pretty bland and unimaginative so getting on from there…

Did anybody ever watch Mohawk? It sounds interesting and apparently is on Netflix so I’m thinking about checking it out

So I didn’t watch Mohawk, but did end up watching both Creep and Creep 2 and really liked both of those. Also watched The Autopsy of Jane Doe which was pretty good but I’m not sure I liked the ending. With that said I’m not sure how I would have ended it any better. Finally I watched As Above so Below and thought that one was pretty fun. Ended up being a good movie weekend as I’d recommend watching all four of those.

Mind blown. I don’t think I’ve even heard of any of these.

Seems the worse the horror movie, the more it takes. Keep on sucking.

I watched the horror anthology XX last night. It must have made a TON of money cuz it sucked hard. I actually stopped about 10 minutes into the last story because I was done with it.