2019 State of the Union Address


Did he completely ignore the shutdown?


5 minutes short of Clinton. No stamina.


He never said the word. And the only reference I caught was when he was saying Congress had 10 days to fund the government.

Here’s the NPR fact check annotating the speech:



Boy the News Hour studios are gloriously red (eye bleeding) in the background. Damn HD!


Stacy Abrams (the Democratic response) started with a line that said “Happy Lunar New Year.”

Also the way they have her lit looks like she’s a character from Borderlands.


That’s one of the reasons so many SOTU responses just feel weird to me. Good job in framing, whomever set this up, to recognize that.


I do like calling out the shutdown as a stunt.


Stacey Abrams just correctly pluralized “Attorney General” as “Attorneys General”, and I’m ready to swoon.



I’m liking it too, but of course we’re the target audience. I’d like damn near anyone saying anything after Trump.


I didn’t watch this because I wanted to hurt Trump’s ratings.

I’m now watching Rick Santorum say it was the worst speech Donald Trump ever delivered. Lol.


NBC got AOC for an interview afterward. They asked her about Trump’s line about investigations and I really liked her response: Why shouldn’t Congress investigate American citizens dying in a botched response to Hurricane Maria, and children dying after being separated from their parents at the border? Didn’t mention Mueller at all, and that said more than anything she could have said about the Trump-Russia investigation directly.





Hear freaking hear. Because I can’t believe what passes for English speech coming from politicians sometimes. Just this morning on NPR I heard Marco Rubio use “drived” as a past participle instead of “driven.”


So is Bernie giving the Independents response to the SOTU on TV now, or was it just a rumour run so that a million Democrats could have another opportunity to point out he’s old af and has an ego?


I’m sure he’ll say something. He can’t help himself.


Politician likes to hear self talk, news at 11.