2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!

Still nothing.

Generation Zero?

Persona 4?


Persona 4 Golden, to be more exact, but yes! For people who played the game that small bit should be a dead giveway, so to speak. ;)

After your Shenmue guess, I was hoping you would be the one to get it right, and you did. Your turn!

Hah, when I saw that first screen, my brain immediately went to Shenmue, then also Persona 4, and I debated which to go with. Definitely seemed like a Japanese-style roof, and the texture quality suggested that general era of gaming (hardware-wise) as well.

Man, Persona 4 Golden coming to PC recently annoyed the crap out of me. Back in February my PC’s motherboard kicked the bucket, and so I decided to see what was on the PS3’s PSN store (PS3/360 are my newest consoles, hah). And it had the PS2 version of Persona 4 on it. So, I bought it and had put about 50 or 60 hours into and then the PC version dropped out of nowhere recently, and now I feel like I should just buy that version. But that would mean starting over. Ugh. Playing games on my PC though, is so much more convenient. I’m not fussed with the extra stuff the Golden version adds, it’s just the convenience of it being on PC. Oi.

Will post a new screen shortly.

Circles of Sadness, go!

Circles, I command you to embiggen! Stop crying and do it! You can bring a new friend along!

chrono trigger?

Nope. I completely get why you’d go there, especially considering modern ports.



Suikoden II?

Nope, not a Suikoden.

More bigger! Bigger more!

Since you mention remakes, Secret of Mana?

Not a Mana game, no.

May as well post another before going to bed.

Hey, circles! Who told you that you were allowed to make physical contact?! Signs of solidarity are strictly prohibited!

I have a hunch. I think it might be a post 16 bits RPG in the Japanese style.

Owl Boy?