2021 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Scorched Earth?


Full throttle


Tom Clancy’s Politika?

I’m gonna regret this but… Come back we miss you Kosc!

Heh… the missing me is lie!, @Scotch_Lufkin just needs to reveal more.

Sorry guys, my home internet has been down all day and I have no way to get the frames to my phone or office to post them. Hopefully in the next few hours they will have this fiber cut resolved.

Update: Still down, but I managed to get another copy of the same image and re-do my edits having refreshed my memory at home, here is Frame 02!

Hmmmm, I know I’ve seen that somewhere…

Woah, I don’t think older games had that limited of a color palette, so this must be a modern retro game. (I mean, that combination of high resolution and low color palette, older games didn’t have that combination).

Y’ll are going to either think I’m very clever or be very upset with me, haha. It is a game mentioned on Qt3 before - in fact, that’s how I found it!

A lot of old Speccy games and hi-res C64 games were essentially monochromatic, or close to it.

I mean, that combination of high resolution and low color palette

Edit: Ah, I see what you mean.

The color palette and isometric (axonometric?) perspective remind me of Fairlight, though I don’t think it’s blocky enough to be that.

Populus DS?


Return of the Obra Dinn?


I was thinking Populous 2, although that first bit…

@Scotch_Lufkin , moar maybe?

Yep busy day - posting here in a bit after work!