2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Knights and Bikes?

The Adventures of Willy Beamish?

That was going to be my guess too. The new Sam and Max.

Since there are lots of guesses (albeit none correct), I’ll post the penultimate frame a little early before I head out for the night. The only things blocked out here are the last piece of possibly-identifying information and the names from the captions (which will give it away immediately).

DuckTales: Remastered !

Broken Sword 3

You’re a bad person and should be punished.

Unless you’re correct. But, nah, should still be punished. Just seeing the thumbnail and video title was enough. Didn’t even have to play it, and there it was. In my head. You’re terrible.


Ding ding ding! It’s Ducktales Remastered!

And while I do have the appropriate amount of nostalgia for the '87 series, the 2017 run has, in my opinion, completely obsoleted it while also maintaining a special reverence of it. Can I please get a Ducktales Remastered Remastered with the Danny Pudi/David Tennant/etc voices?

I had intended to get a screenshot from actual gameplay, but somehow all my saves disappeared, so opening cutscene it is! Although, I do like that it was kind of a feint - those guesses were all over the place.

Over to you, @lordkosc !

Won’t be able to post till late tonight, if possible anyone want to take my turn?

Quicker, quicker, hurry, or we will hunt you down, you hear me!

The way today is going, I feel I need to go with the dial a friend option.

Paging @Scotch_Lufkin , frame game pinch hitter needed.

Certainly, here we go!

Scorched Earth?


Full throttle


Tom Clancy’s Politika?

I’m gonna regret this but… Come back we miss you Kosc!

Heh… the missing me is lie!, @Scotch_Lufkin just needs to reveal more.