2021 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

That’s the one. You’re up Thraeg :)

Never played it, though I wanted to. ;)

Not fair picking a game for the Wii Sports console.

Well that explains why the artstyle seemed familiar, because it is one of Vanillaware’s other games. If it had have been Dragon’s Crown I would have gotten it right away. Alas, unfortunately I am not as familiar with Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

@Thraeg U R WINNER , just incase you forgot. ;)

Sorry, that’ll teach me to guess. Will put something together later today.

D&D: Dragonshard


Yep! Guess I should have made that harder. Well done!

That looks very Cyberpunk, whatever that is.

It’s an incredible old school isometrical shooting game, with wonderful visuals and soundtrack, but somewhat troublesome controls, an issue exacerbated in my case by the very lengthy levels, making the game a real strain on my arms.

That’s a fantastic summary that describes my own experience with the game really well.

Super easy one.

The Outer Worlds

Neither Outer World nor the Outer Wilds

Portal 2?


Jedi Fallen Order?

Cyberpunk 2077?