2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Surely cannot be Factorio, which was already done.


Edit: Too slow. But “has already been done” is irrelevant, there’s no rule against repeats here.

Goddamnit, I crashed and burned, I was sure I checked that hadn’t been done, sorry! Lamalo must get it, even though he said it surely wasnt Factorio?

Seriously, there’s no rule about that here, since it really wouldn’t make sense in the game frame game. This isn’t like the movie game where it’s always the same specific moment you’d be posting. It’s totally possible for 2 frames from the same game to be unrecognizably dissimilar.

Thanks, that’s good to know. I searched the topic like this for it:

I’m sure it was done in some previous year, but who the heck remembers that?

There’s a master list linked in the OP (Game Frame Game: cheat codes) but again, it really doesn’t matter, per our illustrious leader:

Yeah, that’s good enough. If it’s Factorio, show us the shot, and Lamalo wins.

Just my starter base from my latest abandoned game.

Don’t be discouraged by the quick win, that happens a lot around here and some of us have spent way too much time starting at Factorio’s art assets. :)

Haha, and I was afraid I’d given too little :D

Nope, you done good.

I’d love getting the movie frame game one day, but I’m no way the aficionado some people are, and by the time I finally recognize a movie it’s already been guessed for hours.

I was the one who posted Factorio previously. As stated, some of us spent too many hours staring at the screen while waiting for science to happen, so it only took a glance to figure it out.

Here’s a new frame.

Uh… Starbound?


No Man’s Sky?

But would a space game have… Trees?

Starbound has trees, but they don’t look like that at all.

Let’s see… maybe… Days Gone?

Hah, well done.
Best part about this game is shooting hordes in caves using automatic weapons, absolutely terrifying.

Should’ve known, that’s standard issue videogame “blue night sky” right there.

Let’s say, maybe, Far Cry 5?

Edit: Clearly not. :)

@rhamorim Poking to notify that it is now your turn.