2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Welp, 30 minutes isn’t so bad for one of my frames. The Artful Escape it is, @Nightgaunt

Aaaaah! I just played through the whole thing today and that little asteroid looked familiar.

Except it was going to be my next frame game choice so… let me go digging.

I feel like games are not being posted in the indie games you might find interesting thread!

Such a beautiful game that I am stuck in due to nonexistent platforming skills.

I got a post cookin’!

I’d love to see the screenshot you would have used, if you’ve already taken it - I feel a bit bad that mine doesn’t really do the game justice. It’s such a spectacular - even visually stunning - game, I just went with one that had the potential for interesting/confusing parts to reveal.

Fair point! I see that this game at least now has its own thread, with a great first post by @Nightgaunt :

@Nightgaunt Poke. You’re up.

Here we goooooo!

Betrayal at Antara.

Anvil of Dawn?

The Artful Escape?

(Worth a shot!)

Gabriel Knight 2?

King’s Quest 7?

A lot of good guesses, but only one correct guess! It is Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within.

I replayed this recently after reading about it on The Digital Antiquarian. Not sure if I ever replayed it since it was first released. I has a lot of flaws, but a lot of great stuff as well (like many of the Sierra games). I remembered loving these scenes investigating Neuschwanstein castle and the history of Mad King Ludwig. Turns out the gameplay wasn’t as substantial as I remembered it being, but still fun to revisit.

Over to you, Kyosho!

how in the eff from those little pieces

Yeah, that is incredible. My guess would be just that Kyosho got incredibly lucky!

Not luck in this case. He chose one of my all-time favorite games in my favorite game series. If he hadn’t included that little bit of the UI at the bottom, I wouldn’t have gotten it. From just that tiny bit, I knew it was a section that you play as Grace, but could not think what scene had green like that on the left. Of course it was Neuschwanstein! I feel dumb not thinking of it.

I will get a screen up shortly. And if I don’t, please anyone feel free to poke me (like I would you).

Well done, Kyosho. I was cognizant that if I made it clear that the bottom part was a monochromatic scene, it would be a major clue. I thought I had kept it obscure enough! Arguably, it was a little tricky (for anyone who knows the game as well as you clearly do) to take a Neuschwanstein scene from the final chapter (with the opera house UI), since you spend most of your time there in earlier chapters. Just happened to be where my saved games were at.

Here’s a suggestion of something you probably won’t/don’t see much of in this thread: A book recommendation. I’d suggest reading the novelization of the The Beast Within by Jane Jensen (the series’ lead designer/creative director/writer). It’s really quite good. It expands a bit on some things and you get more into the headspace of the characters. The novelization of the first game, Sins of the Fathers, is decent, too, but doesn’t really add much of to the story like the second book. I still to this day wish she’d written a novelization of the third game. She could’ve tossed out the silly/dumb stuff she had no hand in (the cathair moustache puzzle was NOT done by her) and improved things in general. It could’ve been The Da Vinci Code before the Da Vinci Code existed. It deals with similar stuff, but does it better, in my opinion.

Oh well. Enough rambling. Onto the next game:

GK3 is a tragedy. Not only because of its horrible technical issues and the abominable performance of Tim Curry who turns Gabby into an horny drunkard, but because of it being based on L’Or de Rennes, an old French prank book about the holy grail being actually some christic birthline in an absurd and contrived way, that sadly some illiterate English author took at face value and proceeded to turn into conspiracy theory stuff, giving birth to a whole line of stupid fictions. Which GK3 is one of, and the Da Vinci Code the biggest seller.

Very sad conclusion to this series.

Ironically, now there are idiots in France thinking the Abbé Saunières really found something, and that the Priory of Sion is real, totally ignoring the source material is in their own language.

I’ll guess Warriors & Wizards (or Wizards & Warriors, the newish Steam game, not the NES game).