2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Dunno, but there’s some devil football being played in the lower right corner.

An important clue!

How about now?

Monster Prom? It looks familiar.

YES! It’s Monster Prom!

I didn’t know how many folks would know the game, but figured this screen had some helpful clues that would at least get people thinking “monster” and “high school.”

Well spotted, GreenWeej! You’re up!

I never played it but my wife liked it.

Order up!

Moving on!

You’ve almost got it! Maybe this will get you over the hump…

Oh, now I have a couple guesses…

Is it A pirate quartermaster?

Incorrect! But thank you for the guess, have another.

I’ll get another shot up in a couple of hours.

Heileen 3 New Horizons?

I’m sorry, no. I love that game’s screenshots though.

Puzzle Pirates?

My other guess was Don’t Sink, but I think that had chunkier pixels.

Still not the right one.
There is a ship involved though. Also a dog and donkey.
And chocolate. The voyage has been well prepared for.

The final clue will be posted tomorrow.

Last chance!

It’s not Curious Expedition (2?) is it?

It is!
It’s the original Curious Expedition. I’m a fan. Gotta have plenty of chocolate.

@tfernando Poke! You’re up.