2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Didn’t own any consoles at that time, so unfortunately can’t say that I have played it. However, I have seen a few long-form videos on the Nier series. So, I do have some basic familiarity with NieR Replicant \ Gestalt. The recent remaster the perfect excuse to finally play through the Replicant version of NieR for myself though.

Well, I recommend playing it, specially if you played and enjoyed NieR: Automata.

American Truck Simulator?

Nice, got it in one! Did you recognize the landmark?

In real life, you can’t actually see Shoshone Falls from the bridge, but it makes a nice sight in-game.


@Gordon_Cameron is up!

Awesome pic and awesome pick!

I uh, thought it was maybe the Hoover Dam, lol. But at least I identified the country (and hence the game) correctly!

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The Magic Candle



Ultima III

Not Ultima 3. Also not Rogue.

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No, but that sounds like a brilliant idea for a game.

The DerpVerse expands.

Bargon Attack?

No, in fact I’ve never heard of that game before, so thanks for letting me know it existed!

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Druid Daemons of the Deep?