2023 Video Game Frame Game - All Games and Frames Welcome!

No right answers so far…

Now it looks like an RPG.

Dragon’s Dogma?

Fable 3?

Getting warmer.

I know what it is now. Nice pick!

(not guessing because no time to make frames)

It looks like some kind of Warhammer aesthetic to me, maybe. I’m not familiar with the Warhammer games, so I’ll just guess one.


Overlord 2?

One may always invoke the great and mighty @Scotch_Lufkin in such cases!

Well, mr. Lufkin is not around, alas. You may check the Age of Wonders 4 thread for details.

That said, if no one else gets this one, I’ll save you, don’t you worry. ;)

Dragon Age: Origins? Probably not, but that targeting circle around the NPC or enemy (or player character?) really reminds me of it.

Hogwarts Legacy?

Doesn’t really look like it to me but I think it had a location East Forest or something like that.

No one’s got it yet. Let me give you a hand.


Ok, here I go. It’s the often forgotten, third game in a trilogy, developed by Obsidian…

Dungeon Siege 3.

Yup, Obsidian’s lost oddity. I thought it was fun on its own merits but did a terrible job of living up to the franchise, personally.

Did you want to put something up rhamorim, or would you like me to cover for you?

Yeah, I played Dungeon Siege 3 (and that’s why I recognized that minimap marker, since it’s pretty unique) and it was… OK? Other than a pretty beautiful PC, I remember very little or almost nothing about the game. Weird.

I’ll put something up later today. Probably not my own screenshot though. We’ll see. :)

I did finish Act 1 of Dungeon Siege 3 and really enjoyed it. I left the game for too long though. When I tried to go back to it, I couldn’t remember the controls and had no clue what was going on in the story anymore.

must have been easy for you to beat that game since you found the Master Cylinder Pants

Ha! My old friend enjoys his Frisky Dingo references.

And here we go!