2023 Video Game Frame Game - All Games and Frames Welcome!

Hm. Laysara: Summit Kingdom?

Jet Set Radio?

Papo & Yo?

Tears of the Wild

No right guesses. That said…

I love this guess. :)

Zelda: TotK

That’s probably what @Left_Empty meant with his guess, but it’s not that.

Maybe the background in a fighting game? Something like Street Fighter 5?

Impressive! It is indeed the Rio de Janeiro inspired stage in Street Fighter 5.

With Street Fighter 6 right around the corner if felt right to pick this screenshot - not mine, though, as I don’t have Street Fighter 5 and actually never played it, or any other Street Fighter. SF6 will be my first.

Wow! Well spotted, vinraith!

I’ll take credit for “Street Fighter has backgrounds like that and it looks like Rio, so maybe Blanka’s stage.” I’ll even take credit for “clearly a later 3D entry in the series but from the looks of it not the newest one” but honestly, beyond that bit of reasoning the number was a blind guess.

Still an impressive (and educated!) guess. Which is also why I loved the Papo & Yo guess, since there are favelas in that game too.

That said, technically, it’s Laura’s stage, not Blanka’s. ;)

I haven’t actually played a Street Fighter game since… I want to say 3? I appear to own 5, presumably via a bundle, but fighting games largely aren’t my thing these days. Well, except maybe Soul Calibur.

OK, new frame:

Mirror’s Edge?

Anno: 1982 or some other year

PC Buidling Simulator?

The digits in Anno titles always add up to 9: 1602, 1503, 1701, 1404, 2700, 1800 etc. :)

No right answers yet.

I desire Anno 117 , ROME edition. :D

On topic, my guess is …


Oooooh, I like that guess.