2024 also has plenty of WTF?!?!? moments.

New thread for the near year. Hat tip, @Mark_Weston.

The threads, they multiply.

Here. Let’s start with this.

It may have the same raging success as a dedicated Cortana key.

This made me notice that there’s a key on my current keyboard, between the alt and ctrl keys on the right side of the spacebar, that I had literally no idea what it did because I’ve never pushed it, ever.

So I pushed it, and it apparently brings up a right click menu. Which seems pointless?

Didn’t even know where to put this, but it sure made me go WTF?!?!?;

I’m afraid to ask what NWO stands for.

And I’m sure the sales will more than cover his…(checks notes) $1.5 billion owed.

“New World Order” you know old school persistent conspiracy BS. Alex Jones was always ranting about it.

Accessibility for keyboard only users.

Yes, it’s real, though God knows why.

It’s a “real product” in that it physically exists and a couple dozen people in the world will have one; some for ironic purchases, some as internal company giveaways, and a teeny niche group of fans will sincerely buy one and use it. The real value is in the marketing, as in sites copy+pasting the press release and people like us posting about it on social media and discussing it even if it’s to poke fun.

I mean, honestly, it’s kind of brilliant. I’d want one if they were giving them away. Like, free. Wouldn’t pay for it though.

For only $80 total you can have the Xbox Series S Toaster AND the matching Xbox Series X 8-can mini fridge to store your drink of choice, jelly, butter and/or spread. No word yet on when the blender will arrive…

Rumor has it they’re working on an air fryer that will display the RROD when finished cooking your food.

Hopefully the toaster works better than the fridge though - which won a “Shonky” award from the consumer advocacy organisation Choice here in Australia, by virtue of it using more electricity than a full size fridge while not actually being able to cool drinks down.

LOL! Using way more energy than necessary while running far too hot seems completely on-brand for an Xbox related item. =)

First they make the Start menu search useless, now they add a dedicated useless search key on the right side of the keyboard

For users who don’t have Copilot enabled, the Copilot key will simply open Windows Search.


Sorry, Navajo, you don’t own the moon.

Now this certainly qualifies as “WTF?” though the story is a bit light on details…

Ben Affleck was unavailable for comment.

Maybe it’s in case you bought an Apple Mouse?