2024 also has plenty of WTF?!?!? moments.

I never understood the attraction to these things. I suppose it’s a quality product, in which case, great buy it, even if it does seem ridiculously overpriced. I really don’t get how a mug can be “cool” or a status symbol though.

I was promised a Stanley Cup and was quickly left disappointed by the actual content of that link.

I was worried they were going gaga over Stanley’s cup.

I fail to see the problem, Lord Stanley’s Cup is a quite coveted reward.

Codpieces FTW!

Sure, but also letting a commercial enterprise collect payments to put people’s cremains on the moon seems wrong too. Those folks don’t own it either.

Just want to point out also that phys.org is kind of a crank science site. Don’t trust their stuff.

Shitty idea

Gonna be more people shitting on the streets and sidewalks.

No one owns it. If you can get to the moon, you can do what you want there.

And seriously, if someone wants to dump ashes on the moon, who gives a crap? It’s is a barren rock.

Yeah, but this particular event appears accurate.

I don’t get it either. There are dozens of brands of steel/aluminum insulated drink bottle/tumblers and they’re all pretty much interchangeable to me. I was confused when everyone was going nuts for Hydroflask and I was just as confused when everyone shifted to Stanley. When some new brand of metal water tumbler catches fire on social media, I’ll continue to be out of the loop.

And all cool kids will have their old, no longer cool $50 stainless flask sitting in the cupboard not rusting.

And yet 1/3 of the pickups in the area have a Yeti sticker on the window. I’ve never understood it either. “Hey, I buy this thing!” I mean wtf?

It’s the application menu key, and it’s been there for decades. No one uses it. MS is just replacing it with the copilot key.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


this exec called Terence Reilley used to work for crocs. He moved to Stanley in 2020 and marketed the fuck out of these. So the same tiktok generation now loves it.

At both Crocs and Stanley, Reilly has employed a sneakerhead mentality of releasing limited-edition colors and collaborations in small bursts, a strategy he honed earlier in his career at the now-defunct retail chain Footaction

artificial exclusivity, buying frenzies, social media, all that bullshit

This is a genuinely bizarre story.


The Secretary of Defense is in the ICU in Walter Reed Hospital and nobody officially knows? Not his deputies, not the NSC, not the President? He just…reassigned some of his duties to a deputy without saying why?

Boner pill complications

It lasted more than 4 hours.


I’ll be curious to read that article but the site seems to be down now. Horrific, but I’m going to wait to opine until I read further into it, I’m not taking Ms. Pussy and Crack’s analysis as gospel just yet, no matter how much she likes Korean condiments.