2K raising price of games

At a time where everyone is short on money… 2K decides they need to raise the prices of their games.

To be fair, I don’t understand how these games can be sold as cheap as they are. They used to be a LOT more expensive.
Personally, I’d rather go back to having higher prices for games, less early access games, and games in better shape at release.

Games right now are like cheap candy - we are to consume vast amounts of it, and move on fast, to the next piece of candy.

It was going to happen eventually.

I’m sure this just means there won’t be any predatory gambling like that which was featured prominently in 2K20… right?

I’m glad I stopped at like 2k13 or wherever I stopped.

That sounds reasonable to me. I still buy 90% of my games on sale. For the 10% I want to buy at launch, I don’t mind giving an extra $10.

Here BBC, let me help you out and explain why their PR speak is complete bullshit:

The only way I play 2K games is when they’re on deep discount/free, and for their tentpole titles the experience still sucks because they’re tuned around players who are throwing in extra money for microtransactions above and beyond the retail cost.

There was a time when you had to pay $60 in 1980s dollars (more like $130 today) for:


And we liked it! (Really, we did! When we weren’t pirating like mofos.)

I mean, that is not the choice anyone is facing. Games won’t get better, they’ll just cost more.

As long as big companies drop prices based on bulk sales, smaller companies have little choice but to follow along.
A few select companies with a loyal fanbase can still charge what seems more reasonable (Strategy game companies come to mind), but not many.

Thats what I was referring to.

Yet another thing that makes XGP look good. With the new generation, I am committing to buy digital-only and be patient. 2K, like Ubi and Bethesda, is one of those publishers that can’t hold its release price point for long.

2K prints money like a coke dealer on wallstreet off their NBA games. They could cut the price by 2/3 and still make an insane profit. This isn’t necessity, this is pure greed which is why I don’t like it. Indie war games that need to charge $80 because their target audience is so small? That I understand.

Never forget.

Wow. I am somewhat aware of the lootbox gambling aspect from reading about it in FIFA years ago, but this video. Packs you need to buy + literal slot machines + spin to win wheels?

Amazingly brazen.

From what I’ve read, EA’s FIFA games are even more predatory. And they all charge $60, or I guess now $70, for the game.

Not sure what you are talking about, when I was 13, games like Ulitima III were all free.

Honestly I don’t remember games being $60 until maybe the console wars started?

It may have been rare, but Origin was definitely selling at a $60 box price in the '80s. By the Wing Commander era some might have been as high as $70, not sure. EA album box games at the time were, I think, a relatively cheap $40 (or ~90 in today’s dollars).

I don’t believe there is any mass movement towards a $69.99 price. I think this is 2K taking advantage of the fact that there is no NBA Live this year and hoping NBA fans are desperate enough to pay the extra money for next gen.

Wake me up when Call of Duty is $69.99.

Also notice the actual headline for the story is:
PS5 and Xbox Series X: Video game NBA 2K21 to cost more on new consoles

Which is true, vs. what the headline shows in-line.

If it sells at $70, it’s silly to think others won’t follow suit.

Possibly, but most other genres have heavy competition.

I think we’ve had the game price debate before, but the reality is that the price is only partially based on what it costs to make games. The other part is that companies will charge what the market will pay.

So yes, if NBA 2K21 sells like hotcakes, other publishers may experiment with that price.

I’m skeptical that it’ll become widespread, especially in the middle of what we’re going through now.