3 Body Problem - Netflix, Benioff, Weiss

I read the first book in the trilogy and I could recognize many of the scenes in the trailer. Looks good? Hopefully it will be a great adaptation.

Yeah, I’ll be in. I still have mixed feelings about the trilogy on the whole, but it sure stuck in my brain.

And at least Benioff and Weiss have a finished story to work with this time! :D

A number of my friends spoke highly of the trilogy and I’m really trying with the first book, but struggling to find the quality so far. The video game chapters in particular are really poor.

So I’m interested in this because it’s well-funded sci fi, but the source material definitely hasn’t grabbed me. Hopefully it’s good.

The second book shook me.

I liked the first book, but book 2 and 3 were where it really became an amazing trilogy for me. I actually stopped after reading the first book and thought I wouldn’t come back to it, until I did a year later and very glad I did.

In retrospect the first season has some very good parts, but I do not envy D&Ds task here. I just can’t see how you can adapt a series like that into a show and make it both faithful to the strengths of the trilogy and also entertaining on screen.

One of my favorite books and series, although it has a few really bad moments. The book is an all-time sci-fi classic in my view but I know it’s been pretty polarizing with some people just not seeing it at all.

Interesting to note that there’s a Chinese series as well that aired earlier this year. It will be very interesting to compare the two. The Chinese TV series is extremely faithful to the book, to the point of having long scenes with dialogue word for wood from the book. A few scenes in that series seemed poorly made to me, or perhaps they don’t translate well to a Western audience, but on the whole the series was great.

I’m quite cautious towards the Netflix adaptation. I’m sure they will benefit from having a large budget but I expect them to westernize the story, which could definitely detract some from it.

I’m not sure if it was the 2nd or 3rd for me, but yeah. Several concepts there that I had not encountered before and made me really stop and think.

I agree. Weak point for me. The book made an effort to justify it but I wasn’t feeling it was realistic.

And while I loved where the plot went over three books, I had a fundamental problem with the “Dark Forest” concept. Space is literally astronomical. Even if on that scale resources are limited, if other societies can’t find you unless you announce your presence, then what threat do you pose to their growth?

The climax of Book 1 will be great to see on screen how they do it.

The first half of Book 2 was trash, they should just jump straight to the second half.

Looks like this will have a completely different vibe than the books. Which - IMO - is probably for the better; the good thing about the books are the ideas, rather than the characters. The show will have to construct characters that the viewers actually care about.

If there’s a fly buzzing around your house you aren’t particularly concerned about it competing with you for resources. You’re driven to eliminate it because it’s a potential annoyance and it’s trivial to do so.

The Dark Forest hypothesis rests on four points: 1) there is a vast number of civilizations distributed throughout the universe, 2) survival is the primary need (the win condition), 3) civilizations expand over time, but matter remains constant, and 4) incomplete, sequential information.

The last is the most important, because it is essentially the idea that MAD is impossible that is central to the hypothesis. I have nukes and you have nukes; but whichever of us strikes first will win. In such a game, the only winning moves are stealth and strike first

I think a series based around the first two books could be really brilliant. Hope they stay away from the third, because it is (IMO) a bunch of nonsense.

I love this series. I’m afraid to even watch a trailer because I don’t want to be spoiled. But I do want to say I am extremely hopeful since I learn they cast Wong.

I thought the first book was frankly terrible, and bounced so hard off of it that I never moved on to the rest. I’m hopeful that whatever other people got from the books will materialize in the show, and I can enjoy it!

Benedict Wong as Da Shi. Now that is excellent casting for the best character in the book.

Looks like they’ve gender-flipped Wang Miao and made the cast more international - both good changes in my opinion (the misogynism in the books is pretty strong - esp in books 2&3 and - as I mentioned in the book thread - it’s just weird how few non-CHinese/non-American characters exist in these books).

I still have high hopes for this, though there are obviously many ways they can mess this up.

I have to admit, I pushed through the trilogy and never understood what the hype was about. There were some interesting concepts but I didn’t think the books were that great.

Good thing is it’s been a while since I’ve read it and I only recall the vague outlines of the plot. Combined with not particularly liking the books, hopefully that leaves me more receptive to a TV adaptation, unlike the Foundation series which drives me nuts.

This looks fun. It’s entirely possible that the show will erase the problematic parts of the trilogy (e.g. depiction of female characters), focus and elaborate on the bad parts of the trilogy (e.g. wafer thin characters, some lame plotting), and completely miss the great parts of the trilogy.

It’s also entirely possible it could be really good! If it is good, I really hope Netflix makes the whole thing as books 2 and 3 are, in my humble opinion, the best ones but also the ones least likely to translate well into a TV show so we’ll see.

D&D’s treatment of Game of Thrones makes me think that they are very good at adaptation but only when they are passionate about a project. Unlike GoT, this one is likely to be wrapped up long before they burnout and start churning out garbage. I hope I am right.