360 Recommendations

So, I’ve got a 360. Had it for a while now. There’s lots of good games out for it, but I’m looking for recommendations from some people (preferably ones with a lot of replayability, as I’ve got about two weeks with nothing to do).

I’ve already got:
Gears of War
Halo 1/2
Ninety-Nine Nights
Soul Calibur 2

There’s been a couple other games I’ve played and returned. I’m looking for any recommendations for the 360, or for Xbox games that are on the BC list.

Dead Rising is a must have IMO. Tons of replayability on this one.

Rainbow Six Vegas is pretty awesome. The GRAW games are good too, but I can’t give them the same unqualified love as Vegas.

Guitar Hero 2 of course.

Saints Row is pretty good as well.

Saints Row is the best game I’ve played in years.

Honestly? I played the demo and it just felt like a Liberty City where the population had been cut by 90%.

I really liked Burnout Revenge, I dunno if it’s that awesome on OTHER systems, but I only had Takendown for my PS2.

Try Lost Planet & Earth Defence Force 2017. Saints Row was better than its demo indicated and does everything GTA III did but more polished. Currently playing & enjoying FEAR, but I’m not sure you like FPS’s. If you do, I think FEAR & Prey are the best on the 360.

EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot Lego Star Wars II. I also liked Gun, Just Cause, and Tomb Raider Legend.

Viva Pinata and RB6 Vegas. A single garden in Viva Pinata can take hours and hours to “finish,” and once you do you can actually start over and play the game differently for other pinatas. If you’re into multiplayer Vegas is will keep you busy for hours. The single player is quite short, unfortunately. There’s been a quite a few QT3 RB6V nights recently, and you’re welcome to join us or host an evening of elite takedowns.

Saints Row is quite good, (I don’t know where the ‘Liberty City where the population had been cut by 90%’ comment came from) and I’m sure the game could keep you busy for days. Weeks even.

Depends what you’re in the mood for.

I’m feeling quite sad, so many games being mentioned that are available on the PC as well, and I say this as someone who recently bought an Xbox 360 and wanted to play some console exclusive games :).

I second Gun and Tomb Raider. I love Oblivion. Mercenaries is now backward compatible. Same with Pirates.

I love all my 360 games:

  • Oblivion
  • Dead Rising
  • Rainbow Six Vegas
  • Saint’s Row
  • Gears of War
  • Viva Pinata

Thanks for the recommendations guys.

I do enjoy FPS’s, but I’m honestly in the mood for RPG’s at the moment. I already have KOTOR 1/2 and have beaten Oblivion, really looking forward to Mass Effect. I had (and returned quickly) R6: Vegas, it wasn’t really my style of shooter. Dead Rising seemed interesting from the demo but not $60 interesting, even after I heard all the high praise around.

I’ve kept up reasonably well with new 360 releases. Does anyone know of any good original Xbox RPGs that are on the backwards compatibility list? I’d love to pick something up for $5 that’d last me 20+ hours because I haven’t played it before. (Already beaten Jade Empire twice).

I had Burnout 3 on my original Xbox but gave it to a friend. What’s the latest one out? A good racing game might be a lot of fun.

Another vote for Saints Row. It was a great GTA clone with a few very nice interface refinements. Sure it lacks some of the content of a game that had gone through 3 iterations, but I have no doubt the sequel(s) will continue to add it in.

Also Rainbow 6: Vegas is great both in single and multi. Dead Rising is one of the most unique (and frustrating) games on the system. You also can’t go wrong with Lego Star Wars II, TR: Legend and Guitar Hero 2.

BC…did you play Psychonauts on the PC? If not then grab it immediately. Also Mercenaries although it has a couple of technical issues. If you can find Metal Arms then be sure to snag it as well. A great game that just oozes personality.

That’s pretty much all the gaming goodness anyone can handle right there.

The list price has dropped to $40 now.

Also have a look at the arcade. There is a lot of good stuff there.

Yeah, I definitely keep up with arcade releases, and I download the trials of all games that seem remotely interesting from the description.

Really, though, thinking about it more, I’m in the mood for a good RPG or action-RPG. I don’t think there are any good ones out for the 360, not till Mass Effect comes out, anyway. Are there any good Xbox ones I can nab? (or should I start a new thread for that and leave this one for general 360 recommendations)

Really, though, thinking about it more, I’m in the mood for a good RPG or action-RPG. I don’t think there are any good ones out for the 360, not till Mass Effect comes out, anyway. Are there any good Xbox ones I can nab?

KOTOR? That’s the only rpg for the xbox that I can recall at all off the top of my head.

Enchanted Arms wasn’t total poo, or so I remember people saying. If you’re that hard up for a 360 RPG, you might try it. I haven’t played it myself though.

Gears, lost planet, worms… How can you go wrong?

Any recommendations for kids (ages 3-6) games?

Dead Rising
Viva Pinata
Lost Planet
Saint’s Row
Gears of War
Burnout Revenge

… can I have your pc, because none of these are avaliable on mine?