360 Resupply Tracker

Since the other 360 resupply thread has branched off into an analysis of Microsoft’s stupidity – a worthy topic, I admit – I thought I’d start a thread for tracking the actual arrival of Xbox 360s. If you see one on a shelf, post here. If phone call number 235 to Walmart finally resulted in a “we have 2 in stock”, let me know. If you want to talk about a bundled launch and conspiracy theories, that other resupply thread is still alive and well.

So far, I haven’t seen squat and my entertainment center weeps from its loneliness.

I called two Wal-Marts today. One said that they would definitely be resupplied before Christmas but they didn’t know when or with how many units. The other didn’t know when they would be resupplied at all.

Not very helpful I know, but apparently typical of the quality of information available at the retail level right now.

Also, if you think I am posting on here if Wal-Mart tells me they have 2 in stock, you’re nuts. I’ll go get mine first, then post that they have 1 left.

I’d expect nothing more. I’d do the very same thing. :)

Or buy both. Selling the second one of e-bay would pay for the both the units, and a new video card for your PC.

thats actually nice of you, I think many people would buy both and say they have one for sale for $800.

Went to bestbuy again today. No units and they have no idea when they are going to get more. Same with Gamestop.

I did the ranvarian thing here in Reading. Best Buy had nothing and no idea when either.

Looked like some people were buying games… but then I found the two aisle displays of accessories and games and I realized that they just moved some stuff from the regular racks over to those racks.

Whoever said the stuff about all those things being like a slap in the face with no consoles available to buy was right on.


Good idea.

I saw one in my living room. Hurry up, losers. I just got ten more gamer points.

I have a fire you can go die in. Its nice and hot.

Not as hot as the 360s we have that you don’t.

We went into the Local EB and asked “EB Hot Chick” (that’s what we call all women that work at EB that are vaguely attractive) whether she had gotten a 360.

“Yeah, and it’s up on eBay right now.”

I’m sure that “guy who was # n+1 of the n people that got a 360 from that store” would probably start shooting if he heard that.

I’m up to 685, bi-otch.


http://live.xbox.com/member/HurkyMcMaster - 410

I’m at 635.

BUUUUUUUT I’m ranked 8th in Joust! [size=6]8th!! [/size] Take that, suckas!!

If you (a) have an Xbox 360 and (b) don’t know where I can get one, please get the fuck out of this thread kthnx :D

Agreed. Insurgent posters have got to go!


Getting back on topic I was running some numbers in my head and I think those of us who don’t have them are going to be hard pressed to get 360s by the end of the year. MS says they want to ship 3 million units in 90 days. That is 1 million per month. So from the launch to the end of the year that is about 1.25 million. They put about 400k in the channel here, 300k in europe, and another 200k in Japan. That is 900k. Which leaves 350k to resupply all the territories until the end of December. Even if all of them come to the US, there are still preorders to come out of that. I would imagine there might be 200k (half the initial allocation) in the channel after the Japan launch and before the end of the year. That is not a lot.

Someone please poke holes in these numbers to give me hope of getting one before next year.

– Xaroc

I think the expectation is to sell 1.5 Million by the EOY

Well that is definitely somewhat better leaving us with about 450k units or so assuming they all are sent to the US. Still I kind of wish they would have held off on the Japanese launch at least another month and shipped those units here as well.

– Xaroc