40% of America is pure unadulterated evil - am I wrong?

In light of all the the horrendous and evil things that Trump himself said he did, 40% of voting Americans still apparently support him. I am so fucking angry at the cesspool of parasitic worms that live here and wish we had a vaccine to eliminate the insanity.

Not only do these maggots embrace what he does, they are the loudest and most obnoxious of Americans and work to suffocate the good in this country. In light of the Woodward tapes and the non-dent it made in America, I am done with thinking these people are redeemable and will reiterate I feel they are full-on Fascist, Nazi, Authoritarian, death-camp loving, death board approving, rape loving, tapeworms.

Fake Werner Hertzog said it best:

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I think you over state it. Many are good people who are delusional about the state of the world. Many of us are what we are taught early on and never learn anything else. An open mind is a rarity.

I would say maybe 20% would qualify for “unadulterated evil” though. They know exactly who they hate and don’t give a damn about others.

You’re right. But Americans aren’t special. It’s a human problem. 30-40% of human beings are evil. Look at… any given period of human history.

Some have just drunk massive amounts of Kool-Aid. Seen too many folks who are otherwise decent, and just don’t get what they’re supporting leads to, to say they’re all evil, even if they’re the enemy.

That said, that doesn’t make them not the enemy, and we have to do whatever it takes to defeat them. Despite their not being evil, they are an existential threat to America and civilization.

Also, there’s some evil mofos on our side as well.

Well now that we have defined the problem in such precise terms, maybe we should find a way to separate them from the good people? Maybe special camps where we could concentrate them so that the rest of society is good and pure?

It’s easy to say that certain beliefs are dangerous or certain practices or evil, because people can change their mind about beliefs over time or renounce practices. Labeling certain people as “pure unadulterated evil” and thus beyond redemption is just an exercise in proving that the person drawing up the list needs to be on it.

I’m not even sure it’s useful to characterize paleoNazis as ‘pure unadulterated evil.’ They did purely, unadulteratedly evil things, but in the main they were probably fairly regular blokes. Same for the Khmer Rouge, the Hutus, etc. Occam’s razor suggests to me that most of these folks were not extraordinary humans, but they did live in extraordinary situations and lacked the moral courage or agency or awareness to transcend them. All of this leads to some pretty depressing conclusions about human nature, but I guess if you want to look at the silver lining, we have groped our way toward an understanding of human rights over the past few thousand years, and maybe we’ll grope yet further. Or maybe not.

Remember that making you feel this way is pretty much their whole party platform so try to deny them the pleausure! Choose hope.

I just wish we could be more like Denmark or some other nice European nations that have large population % grounded in decency. It just confounds me that so many are so selfish here. I grew up believing America was the best country in the world. Always fought for what was right. Leaders in morality. We were always the good guys (didn’t realize when I was younger how messed up our history was)… and now under Trump we are the very things I grew up hating, have the literal Anti-Christ as our president, and so-called Christians (fundamentalists) worshiping him. It’s just so messed up.

I will try to look at more hopeful things, but this week, with the release of tapes of Trump telling us he wanted to kill us to protect the stock market and his re-election chances, I am almost out of hope.

This is a fair enough warning, but the absence of a reasonable approach to conclusively dealing with 30% of the people being evil doesn’t mean they aren’t actually evil. It could just mean that you have to be aware of it and try to create institutions, norms, rules to prevent them from doing too much harm.

This. The problem in the meantime is the continuous damage they do to the country and the threat of them taking everything over. It’s lives lost communities broken on a daily basis.

If 30% of the people can take everything over then they are either very smart or getting a great deal of help from the other 70%.

This isn’t 1930’s Germany, although many here like to think it is, and we don’t have the type of government that is just going to roll over and elect a Chancellor for life. Trump isn’t Hitler, no matter what so many of you think.

They are. When you close enough voting booths to ensure the majority lose every election (hello Georgia) and then let no population states have more say per population than every one else… this is what’s happened for years. Gore would have won, and Clinton would have won.

Consider that Trump is the first president since Carter to (so far) not start fresh international conflict.

I believe that has been incredibly hard to do and his willingness to take such a beating from the military industrial complex to save the lives of American soldiers makes him a paragon compared to his predecessors.



What was the fresh international conflict that Obama started?

This is nonsensical.

Trump has been hugely beneficial to the military industrial complex. He constantly talks about selling military hardware to all kinds of places.

What are you even talking about?

Dude. I had no idea how many assholes we had in this country until the 2016 election. Big wake up. I mean, I knew we had assholes, but not AT LEAST A THIRD OF THE COUNTRY.

Also guys stop feeding the troll c’mon.

Obama launched airstrikes against Libyans.

I just dont think bragging about selling hardware even compares to the regime changes Bush and Obama caused.

The folks voting Republican aren’t the only assholes.

Consider that until fairly recently, all indications are that the Trump clan were all Democrats.