6 Underground on Netflix: Michael Bay + Ryan Reynolds as Ryan Reynolds=Boom

I’m feeling the trailer. And it’s on Netflix, so no paying for a movie ticket!

I’m down.

Normally I avoid Michael Bay films, but Adria Arjona… I think I’ll see this one.

The plot revolves around six billionaires who fake their own deaths and form an elite team to take down the bad guys.

The bad guys being orphans, immigrants, and battered women?

That sounds reasonable.

Sure. Orphans, immigrants, and battered women are all out to steal the moneys of the billionaires.

I’d like a little more realism. How about six billionaires pool their resources and develop an immortality serum that requires the blood of orphans, immigrants, and battered women?

6 billionares become Seal Team 7?

Ok. Here is a picture of six real billionares. Zuck is the toughest looking one among them. Which is like saying Rosanne Barr is the prettiest girl at the dance.

Lots’O stunts.

I dunno, Bezos has a certain ‘are you sure you want to fuck with me’ aura. Zuck just looks like someone who doesn’t care he is evil.

This is the REAL 6 Underground (but the movie does look good too, in a explodey-actioney way).

Sneaker Pimps had some great music until they had their big hit, the band got greedy and kicked out the Kelli, the lead singer, and have been parading around as a virtual cover band ever since. The guy who kicked her out and took over singing duties blows. I’m not bitter or anything.

Think I like Deadpool better when he isn’t playing some other guy.
Also, Billionaires fake death to battle evil doers? There’s a limit to my suspension of disbelief, orks, magic, transforming robots, laser swords, Godlike aliens, sure, but this is several steps too far…

Look, the evil doers are being taken down for throwing a bad cocktail party. If there is one thing billionaires can not abide is poor taste, a true scourge on society.

How many milk crates is Vin standing on in that shot?

Poo on all you naysayers. Ryan Fucking Reynolds. That is all.

Yeah… Not up for this “billionaires are the real heroes” bullshit. I like the cast, but no thanks.

Maybe with more movies like this, Billionaires will aspire to be heroes. Right now Hollywood has them convinced that they can aspire to be Bond villains.

Are we forgetting Batman, Iron Man, and Ozymandias are all billionaires that have saved the world?

Are they billionaires? I thought they were ex military. You know what, I don’t care! This looks like the return of Michael Bay. After hammering Transformer movies for the last decade, I’m happy to see it. If the movie comes off remotely like old Michael Bay or 13 hours, I’m down!