7 days to die

My cousin and I both have this but we can’t figure out how to play together yet. I created a server thing locally via the mp game menu, but when he populates the server list, my game never comes up. Any tips on how I might correct this?

Yeah, down at the bottom of the screen you can enter in ip address. Whoever is hosting the game, go to a windows prompt and type “ipconfig.” you’ll get your main ip address and put it in that box

Well that was easy enough. Thanks!

Have not looked at this since September. They have definitely done a nice job.

So many asshats on the servers, though.

Play without other people. Its tons better!

PvP in this one is fun. Just wish the map was larger. Wasn’t there a stretch goal for a bigger map?

I had connection issues playing earlier. Any ideas if that got fixed?

Spawn distances being further makes a HUGE difference too.

The map just increased in size! It’s about a third larger. The whole snow area is new, plus they added all the campsites, military areas, and a ghost town.

One of the stretch goals was to add procedurally generated maps as an option.

Holy shit this game is great, but I don’t like that you have to have a wiki to play it. I’m at the point where I can barely hole up over night (and then only b/c I’m plugging holes with stone and wood found in the forest). Then I dash about looking for goods while it’s light. It’s hectic and stressful and feels nicely survival-y, but I have no idea how to improve my survivability.

I need clay to make a mold so I can use my forge to melt some metal so I can make a pickaxe and an axe so I can gather resources more efficiently so I can build better defenses and not get fucking swarmed every night, but while I do all that I’ll be getting fucking swarmed every night. So I need clay. I think I’ll go find a body of water…

I started playing this. I don’t know a good server, so I am playing singleplayer (less morons with rocketlaunchers around).
I have started in easy, because I am not good at this type of shit.

On my SP world I have spawned in some green hills with lots of trees and a small group of buildings near a road. On my first attemp, I tried to build a ladder on a tree to survive the night. The zombies followed me trough the ladder. I had to run in the dark, with the zombies following me. I made to the group of building, and made a small base in the rooft of one, with the zombies gnashng and praying (?) on the bottom floor.

On subsequent days, I explored the other buildings for resources, making a new homebase in the rooft for he night. This 6 buildings are now my world, and I have to put blocks on the ladders to stop them from climbing to get me. One nasty hability of this zombies is to walk over other zombies to get to high places.

I am learning, too, I have made huge spikes that impale the zombies. This is going to be a long war of the zombies vs my ability to build a fortified homeplace.

Obligatory XKCD.

(note: this building would be really bad against 7Days zombies, … they can break walls if they smell of hear somebody on the other side)

Yeah. Right.

Teiman - will you post some pictures like a video diary? That would be really entertaining.

I had not played since alpha 1 until recently. I had build a structure with murder holes on the base floor. Didn’t realize Dogs and Crawlers only require one square for entry.

I am just not that type of person :(. I am not doing anything interesting. I have tried to change the daytime to 50 minutes, so I can explore further from my home base… the game feels better that way. Had a bit of a panic attack, because in the morning the zombies invaded my rooft, and had to make a emergency retreat to other roof. Theres a forest nearby, so I have plenty of wood, but I have not find yet any water, I am using the one I find on the crates around. Changed a bit my strategy orientation, since don’t seems working. Repaired the building somewhat, was damaged by the zeds.

This sounds terrific. PICTURES!

Ok, if you insist.

Heres my current homebase. A simple wood house built on a roof. Theres a campfire on the center and torchs around the perimeter. On the right some barbed wire and the hole to descend.

A view of the road and the nearby houses.

The wood house from inside. Very confy. The airventilators machines can store objects. Too bad the sounds of the zombie horde is not attenuated, they make some horrible noises.

Hard to see, but I am watching a hornet flyiing nearby, I hope it come, so I can kill it and collect the honey it drops. Most my stuff is broken… stuff breaks really fast, and theres very few ammo around.

Not a good screenshot (light burned), one morning after opening the block to descend, the horde made a visit to my roof. I could kille two or three max with such limited tools.

I have no made good screenshots yet. I like the graphic style of the forest and deserts. Is like if ARMA and Minecraft had a baby.

The gallery of screenshots:

I know exactly where this is. It’s my favorite area to set up my fortification. Usually on the top floor of the red brick building.

Frigging mutant hornet! When they add the ability to choose whether or not you want them in your game, I’m definitely choosing them to be off.

Yeah… That’s bad. I usually get killed because I’m not paying attention and the horde busts up through the floor.

One thing I cannot figure is why you cannot make your own guns yet. At least to me it appears you can’t, as you need a spring and those don’t exist in the normal game. You can make a knife, and a club, but no guns. There is a recipe for a sawed off shotgun, but again, the spring is required.

Sooo cool Teiman! So did you build that square plank wooden structure?

What one? all the bright flat wood blocks are new :D

Some comments:

  • Hornets: this game is suppose to be “Minecraft done right”. You can’t build something that let you say “I win, zombies will never get here”. Hornets is another tool of the game so you can be still attacked even if you build a 1:1 replica of Isengard.
  • Fun: I have much more fun watching lets play of this game that playing it myself. The game sounds are stressful, …the zombies are always out here to get you, you can’t even dig a trenche withouth the fear of something getting you unaware. Maybe the game will change if I get to craft explosives, so I can mine faster and build underground bunkers and more fortifications.
  • I think I have solved the food problem. Maybe too easy. Next problem is water, but that seems easy to solve if you manage to get sand.