A "Battle Brothers" adventure - (ignominious defeat!)


Thanks for the game diary! Sorry to see it end so suddenly, but that is Battle Brothers.


Bravo. Fun read. You have a flair for AARs @jpinard.

Flails are also good for getting armor as you bonk the bad guys on the head and flails can also get around shields. In the early game your low level, poorly equipped guys using daggers run a high risk trying to ventilate the target and get their armor unless the target’s morale has broken. I’ve found that while my bros are poking the target the target is hitting back harder.


Fun read. I always hold off on getting 12 men so as to keep the difficulty down, but you taught me a bunch here.


I always hold off because I’m just as cheap in-game as in real-life. The difficulty scaling is just an afterthought.


Bravo! Thanks for writing that up.


I somehow love the game more for this, lol


Glad to see the typical O’Malley brilliance on display; nothing like being the last one to board a sinking ship.



This was awesome!


So what happens when you get 12 men? They start giving you two-skull missions instead of one-skull?


Getting a big pool works against us in a few ways:

  1. A game scales according to your reknown and team size. So a bigger team will generate deadlier foes regardless of the stars difficulty.

  2. A larger team means that the XP gets spread out more. This makes it a lot harder because the quality of the recruits sucks and they needed desperately to get their melee and defences up to decent levels. So having a bigger team works against them, excerabating the effects of a poor recruit pool.

  3. A larger team is a bigger drain on finances. Both on food and pay and repairs.

Having too many too early faces a triple whammy of negatives for no appreciable gain.


Thanks. I’ve definitely been playing wrong then. There’s an early quest to get 12 men, so I assumed I was supposed to do that before getting their skills & armor built up.


An “organic” growth to 12 would be good. Basically meaning comfortably paying wages and upgarding equipment.

On occassions where super recruits (daytallers and brawlers can be amazing for their low costs) are found, you can consider keeping them to level them up beyond the number you are comfortable with.


Funny thing is I thought I’d waited too long to go to 12 as normally when I get that ambition I do it asap.
@Miguk When you complete an ambition all your guys get much happier which helps them in combat. Then over time their morale slowly gravitates back towards 50%. Your renown goes up which means better recruits and better paying missions - something I didn’t think about. Better paying missions = harder missions.


Good stuff, jpinard! I’ve got the itch for some BB all over again …


I’m very disappointed I didn’t think to pull one guy out earlier in the battle once I saw it was going to the dogs. I really wanted to see a full obituary of everyone’s exploits. :)


I love the broken/chopped carrot icon for the eunuch.

Looks like the Battle Brothers version of me takes after my dad!

I was grinning throughout this entire post! Amazing!

I’m sure the alcohol ensured I didn’t feel a thing!

Oh noes! Thanks for this adventure jp, it was a really exciting, entertaining and informative read.


Now look what you made me do!

I bought the game now before the end of the Lunar Year sale and I don’t really have time to play it.


Thanks all for the very nice comments :)
@Woodlance - I hope you enjoy it! It s one of those games with high highs and low lows - hehe.


Last minute grab for me too. Thanks jp! :-)


I was wondering if, in the spirit of the original posts/story, people would be interested in getting a map seed, and having 3 or 4 different stories about how you fare in the game.

I’m on day 86 of my current game, and have cleared 10,000 gold for the first time. The key seems to be:

  • noble contracts, they pay well and often are not (much) more difficult that the regular, lesser paying contracts.

  • getting friendly with a village that produces a nice raw good, e.g. salt or diamond mines, and timing it so you got o market there after you clear their greenskin hordes etc problem, whihc makes them very happy, and makes everything cheaper.

Then go to a big city and sell it.

One thing i realised yesterday is that certain foodstuffs can be sold for a profit if not eaten, mainly venison.

Also, specialising your soldiers seems key. I was making everything do everything more or less, but that guide has been very useful.

I’ve read and reread it, and am starting to get it a bit better. wreckers and Duellists seem very similar fwiw, so I use them interchangeably, e.g. in the formation fighting Orcs.