A "Battle Brothers" adventure - (ignominious defeat!)


Awww you guys, all that effort for nothing!


But yeah use that as an appetizer. I’ll do the “real,” QT3 tomorrow.


We really need to start a new thread and I think BBB should author it since it was his idea. If I do it’ll just me spamming more Battle Brothers stuff :)

Call it Battle Brothers Multi-QT3 Adventure, well that may be lame, but something to pique the curiosity of others who may not have been interested in the game before.


I am super excited to read these so it’s definitely not spam!


Huzzah! The Pinata’s have survived to day 5.

@BloodyBattleBrain once you open the thread I shall share the daring exploits of Lothar the Fat, Meinhold the Kingslayer and The Piñatas.

Using map seed QT3, playing on Veteran/Veteran/Medium gold/Ironman. Permanent Destruction is on. Random crisis.


Oh my the pressure. …😀😀😀